Chemical Fact Sheet

Chemical Abstract Number (CAS #) 12672296
CASRN 12672-29-6
Aroclor 1248
Analytical Methods EPA Method 505
EPA Method 508
EPA Method 608
EPA Method 617
EPA Method 625
EPA Method 8081
EPA Method 8082
EPA Method 8270

Link to the National Library of Medicine's Hazardous Substances
Database for more details on this compound.

Use Former use in hydraulic fluids, vacuum pumps, rubber plasticizers, synthetic resins, and adhesives.
Apparent Color Colorless mobile oil.
Molecular Weight Average mol wt: 288
Density 1.405-1.415 at 15.5 deg C
Sensitivity Data Irritating to skin and eyes.
Drinking Water Impact In raw tap water in the Waterford, NY treatment plant, which also has the Hudson River as its source, mean PCB levels in 1976 were 0.12 ug/l (range: 0.05-0.24). Polychlorinated Biphenyls

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