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Chemical Abstract Number (CAS #) 22781233
CASRN 22781-23-3
Carbamic acid, methyl-, 2,3-(dimethylmethylenedioxy) phenyl ester
Analytical Method EPA Method 639
EPA Method 8318
Molecular FormulaC11H13NO4

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Use CONTACT INSECTICIDE To control cockroaches, other household pests, and soil insects. Bendiocarb was developed for structural pest control in and around the home and is effective against a wide range of nuisance and disease vestor pests. It is also used for insect control in corn and on turf and ornamentals and for adult mosquito as a residual treatment and as an adulticide in an ultralow volume spray. /Dycarb, turcam control a broad spectrum of pests in turf and ornamentals, including aphids, beetle larvae, caterpillars, lacebugs, mealy bugs, mites, weevils, whitefly, and scale on horticultural crops. BENDIOCARB IS AN INSECTICIDE EFFECTIVE AS A CONTACT AND STOMACH POISON. IT IS ACTIVE AGAINST MOSQUITOES, FLIES, WASPS, ANTS, FLEAS, COCKROACHES AND MANY OTHER INDUSTRIAL AND STORAGE PESTS. IN AGRICULTURE IT IS ACTIVE AGAINST LEPIDOPTERA, COLEOPTERA AND COLLEMBOLA, ESP SOIL PESTS.
Apparent Color WHITE SOLID
Melting Point 129-130 DEG C
Molecular Weight 223.23
Sensitivity Data Non-irritating to skin and eyes.

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