Chemical Fact Sheet

Chemical Abstract Number (CAS #) 25057890
CASRN 25057-89-0
Analytical Methods EPA Method 515.3
EPA Method 555
EPA Method 643
EPA Method 8151
Molecular FormulaC10H12N2O3S

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Use CONTACT HERBICIDE Bentazon selectively controls many sedge weeds. SELECTIVE POSTEMERGENCE CONTROL OF MANY BROADLEAF WEEDS IN ALFALFA, ASPARAGUS, CEREALS, CLOVER, DIGITALIS, FLAX, GARLIC, GRASSES, LAWNS, NARCISSUS, ONIONS, ORNAMENTAL TURF, POTATOES, SORGHUM, SUGARCANE, SOYBEANS, RICE, CORN, PEANUTS, DRY BEANS, DRY PEAS, SNAP BEANS FOR SEED, GREEN (SUCCULENT) LIMA BEANS, & MINT. Controls a number of broadleaved and sedge weeds primarily by contact actionin most graminous and many large seeded leguminous crops. A post-emergence herbicide with activity against a wide range of broadleaf weeds, as well as yellow nutsedge. All types of beans, including soybeans, corn, sorghum, peanuts, peas, established alfalfa, lawns, rice are tolerant to bentazon/, while soybean and Canada thistle show differential activity.
Melting Point 137-139 DEG C
Molecular Weight 240.30
Sensitivity Data Irritating to eyes and mucous membranes. Moderately irritating to skin, eyes, respiratory tract
Environmental Fate TERRESTRIAL FATE: HERBICIDAL ACTIVITY IS BRIEF, GIVING NO RESIDUAL PROBLEMS. TERRESTRIAL FATE: The aromatic ring of bentazon was hydroxylated in soil. At concentrations of 2 to 10 ppm, bentazon half-life = 2 to 5 weeks in soil. The hydroxybentazons could not be detected, possibly because they were immediately incorporated into the humic substances and fulvic acids. When soil was treated with bentazon, the major metabolite identified was 2-amino-N-isopropyl benzamide. TERRESTRIAL FATE: Bentazon does not persist in loamy sand soil. Within 15 wk, bentazon broke down quantitatively at room temperature and 15% soil moisture. Anthranilic acid-isopropylamide was identified. This broke down quickly.

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