Chemical Fact Sheet

Chemical Abstract Number (CAS #) 58718675
CASRN 58718-67-5
SynonymsHalowax 1001
Analytical Method EPA Method 8081
Molecular FormulaUNKNOWN

Link to the National Library of Medicine's Hazardous Substances
Database for more details on this compound.

Use AS PAPER IMPREGNANT IN AUTOMOBILE CAPACITORS (DIELECTRICS). Electrical insulation and fire-resisting materials; impregnants; sealing compounds; crankcase additive; ingredient in penetrating oils; plasticizer; protective coatings. Halowax
Apparent Color FLAKES
Boiling Point 308 DEG C
Melting Point 93 DEG C APPROX
Density 1.58 AT 25 DEG C
Sensitivity Data Immediately irritating to eyes, irritating to skin. Tetrachloronaphthalene

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