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Chemical Abstract Number (CAS #) 7786347
CASRN 7786-34-7
Crotonic acid, 3-hydroxy-, methyl ester,dimethylphosphate (E)-
2-Butenoic acid, 3-[(dimethoxy-phosphinyl)oxy]-, methyl ester
Analytical Method EPA Method 8141
Molecular FormulaC7H13O6P

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Use INSECTICIDE & ACARICIDE ON VEGETABLES, ALFALFA, DECIDUOUS FRUITS, NUTS The selective inclusion of the (E)-isomer of mevinphos in beta-cyclodextrin to give a solid formulation that is insecticidally active and dissolves rapidly in water to provide a clear solution is discussed/. Thus, beta-cyclodextrin dissolved in distilled water to which mevinphos was added dropwise. The mixture was colled and the white precipitate collected. The inclusion complex formed 14% (E)-isomer, 70% beta-cyclodextrin, and 16% water. In trials against Aphis fabae the inclusion complex had insecticidal activities >100-that of the (Z)-isomer.
Consumption Patterns ABOUT 60% USED ON VEGETABLES; THE BALANCE ON ALFALFA & DECIDUOUS FRUITS & NUTS (1974) Lettuce, 30.4%; All vegetables, 73%; Cereals, 1.3%; Fruits, 4.7%; Non-cereal forage and feed crops, 20.8% (1984) California use, calculated from table (1974) 3.6X10 8 GRAMS (CONSUMPTION) (1984) 1.06X10 8 g Used in California
Odor Weak odor
Boiling Point 106-107.5 DEG C @ 1 MM HG
Molecular Weight 224.16
Density 1.25 @ 20 DEG C/4 DEG C
Sensitivity Data Phosdrin is not known to be an eye irritant.

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