Method Description Sheet

Method EPA Method 610
Title Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Abstract A measured volume of sample, approximately one-liter, is solvent extracted with methylene chloride using a separatory funnel The methylene chloride extract is dried and concentrated to a volume of 10 mL or less, The solvent is exchanged to cyclohexane prior to cleanup. Following cleanup, when using HPLC for determination of the PAHS, the solvent is exchanged lo acelonitrile Ultraviolet (UV) and fluorescence detectors are used with HPLC. When cleanup is not required and when flame ionization detector GC is used for determination, the methylene chloride extract may be analyzed directly When cleanup is required, the cyclohexane exchange is made. Instrumental conditions are described which permit the separation and measurement of the PAH compounds.

Compounds Analyzed :

CAS #Compound Name
83329 Acenaphthene
208968 Acenaphthylene
120127 Anthracene
56553 Benzo(a)anthracene
50328 Benzo(a)pyrene
205992 Benzo(b)fluoranthene
191242 Benzo(ghi)perylene
207089 Benzo(k)fluoranthene
218019 Chrysene
53703 Dibenzo(a,h)anthracene
206440 Fluoranthene
86737 Fluorene
193395 Indeno(1,2,3-cd)pyrene
91203 Naphthalene
85018 Phenanthrene
129000 Pyrene
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