Method Description Sheet

Method EPA Method 8082
Abstract A measured volume or weight of sample is extracted using the appropriate matrix specific sample extraction technique. Aqueous samples may be extracted at neutral pH with methylene chloride using either Method 3510 (separatory funnel), Method 3520 (continuous liquid-liquid extractor), Method 3535 (solid-phase extraction), or other appropriate technique or solvents. Solid samples may be extracted with hexane-acetone (1:1) or methylene chloride-acetone (1:1) using Method 3540 (Soxhlet), Method 3541 (automated Soxhlet), Method 3545 (pressurized fluid extraction), Method 3546 (microwave extraction), Method 3550 (ultrasonic extraction), Method 3562 (supercritical fluid extraction), or other appropriate technique or solvents.

Compounds Analyzed :

Selecting a CAS number from the table below will direct you to the
National Library of Medicine's Hazardous Substances Database for more details on the compound.

CAS #Compound Name
12674112 PCB-1016
11104282 PCB-1221
11141165 PCB-1232
53469219 PCB-1242
12672296 PCB-1248
11097691 PCB-1254
11096825 PCB-1260
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