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Element 114

Chemical Abstract Number (CAS #) 54085-16-4
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Synopsis from the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 92nd Edition 2011-2013

Element 114 — (Ununquadium) Symbol Uuq. Element 114 is the first new element to be discovered since 1996. This element was found by a Russian–American team, including Livermore researchers, by bombarding a sheet of plutonium with a rare form of calcium hoping to make the atoms stick together in a new element. Radiation showed that the new element broke into smaller pieces. Data of radiation collected at the Russian Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in November and December 1998 were analyzed in January 1999. It was found that some of the heavy atoms created when 114 decayed lived up to 30 seconds, which was longer than ever seen before for such a heavy element. This isotope decayed into a previously unknown isotope of Element 112, which itself lasted 15 minutes. That isotope, in turn, decayed to a previously undiscovered isotope of Element 108, which survived 17 minutes. Isotopes of these and those with longer life-times have been predicted for some time by theorists. It appears that these isotopes are on the edge of the “island of stability,” and that some of the isotopes in this region might last long enough for studies of their nuclear behavior and for a chemical evaluation to be made. No name has yet been suggested for Element 114; however, the temporary name of ununquadium with symbol Uuq may be used.
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