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Spectrum President Don McCorquodale and Metro-Dade Mayor, Alex Pinellas, Review the troops at the Scottish Festival.


ICP-MS Section Gets Approved by Florida DEP for Trace Level Analyses of Metals in Seawater by Chelation-Concentration

  VG Elemental PlasmaQuad ICP-MS 


The demand for lower detection limits of trace metals in seawater has required Spectrum to impliment state-of-the-art solutions. The PlasmaQuad ICP-MS is one of the newest aquisitions. It allows us to detect the lowest concentrations of trace metals by any commercially available means.The instrument is housed in its own room in the metals section. Working in conjuction with this instrument is a system Spectum's analysts designed to extract and concentrate trace levels of metals from seawater. Over 99% of the sodium (Na) is removed by this technique. The analytes are concentrated tenfold in the resulting extract by default, but even more concentrated extracts are possible. Metals approved for analysis by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection are Copper (Cu), Lead (Pb),Chromium (Cr), and Zinc (Zn). This method may also be applicable to brines or other difficult matrices wherin traditional detection techniques fail. Spectrum is always receptive to developing new and approvable analytical methods when our clients express a need.

Information Collection Rule Approval Progressing  

We are the only commercial lab in South Florida that currently has ICR approval.

Spectrum Laboratories has continued its approval process with the EPA for the ICR Laboratory Requirements. The stringent guidelines that analysts must adhere to have required pioneering several new analyses at Spectrum. The need to provide safe drinking water has placed municipalities and other providers in a position where the security of adding high levels of disinfectant has to be weighed against the creation of high concentrations of disinfection byproducts. The EPA has administered the ICR to monitor and assist providers in the distribution of safe drinking water through the maintenance of the aforementioned critical balance. Disinfection by-products are the main target of analysis at Spectrum. Other analyses are also included within the ICR. It is Spectrum's committment to our clients that drives us to be one of the only labs in South Florida that has considered ICR approval. We hope to be able to provide the best quality analyses in our area. The aquisition of several new instruments such as a Dionex 4500-i Ion Chromatograph and a Mitsubishi TOX-10 analyzer have given us the tools we need to fit the strict administrative guidelines. If you need to speak with someone regarding your ICR monitoring requirments please give us a call or Email us at contact@speclab.com

Spectrum Donates Hewlett Packard 5988A Mass Spectrometer to Florida Atlantic University

(left to right) 
Dr.Cyril Parkanyi, Chairman-Dept of Chemistry, F.A.U.; 
Lyle Johnson, Spectrum; 
Dr.Bill Louda, F.A.U.

Spectrum continues its commitment to academic excellence with the donation of a fully functional Hewlett Packard 5988A Mass Spectrometer to Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. Dr. Bill Louda, shown in the picture above, will be one on the professors using it in his research. Included with the package was a Direct Insertion Probe, a Pascal Chemstation, and Chemstation software. 5988As are known for their extremely low pressure windows of operation, allowing for minimized background interference. Florida Atlantic University is not the only academic institution who Spectrum supports. Recent donations of equipment include an Atomic Adsorption Spectrometer to Broward Community College and The Johnson Computer Laboratory in the Sanson Science Building facilitated by Debbie Johnson of I.B.M and Lyle Johnson of Spectrum. Students from the Minority Studies Program at Barry University often use Spectrum as a field trip spot. Nova, the television series, has been sponsored for several shows by Spectrum as a commitment to positive media.

Dr. McCorquodale Publishes New Standards on Pollution Monitoring

Click here to see the abstract of the work. This publication sites the various sources on pollution determination using fecal indicators, allowing local planners and environmental managers to decide more wisely on issues involving analysis of fecal contamination. (Dr. McCorquodales Page)

Ion Chromatography Section Fully Automated


With the new ICR requirements and dropping detection limits across the board for inorganic ion monitoring, Spectrum has acquired a Dionex 4500-i Ion Chromatography system. An autosampler, post column supression, and advanced detectors allow for the analysis of the anions included in EPA Method 300.0 at trace levels. Previous ion chromatographic analyses at Spectrum took place via single injection, but with the use of this new autosampler, we can offer a service no other laboratory in this area can - the simultaneous determination of the ten major anions. These anions include bromide, bromate, chlorite, and chlorate - ICR required analyses. The throughput and reliability of this system is unparalleled among inorganic analyses systems. Dionex is also the manufacturer referenced in the method by the EPA. Ask us how this analysis might better suit your needs.

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