Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing An Analytical Laboratory :

  1. How long has the lab been in business ?
  2. Is the lab certified for all parameters of interest ?
  3. Has the lab or its owners ever declared bankrupcy ?
  4. Do they do all analyses in house or do subcontract part of the work?
  5. Does ther lab have GC/MS capability? HPLC? IC ? ICP? ICP-MS?
  6. Will samples be picked up on demand?
  7. What is the average turnaround time?
  8. Do they have a Ph.D. scientist on staff available to answer technical questions?
  9. Does the lab have an approved Quality Assurance Plan ?
  10. Do they have a toll free 800 number?

Don't assume that your analyses are performed correctly by another lab - Know that they are at Spectrum.

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