10 Baby Halloween Costumes

How to disguise your baby on Halloween?

Is this the very first time that your baby will be celebrating Halloween with you? There are tons of Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers, but why not make one for free?

10 Tips offers you 10 ideas for Halloween costumes for babies. Happy Halloween and have fun!

The 10 disguises for babies:

1. Disguise a baby as an elderly person ?

This is undoubtedly one of the best ideas for disguising your baby or young child instead. A homemade elderly costume, what a great idea!

elderly person costume for babies on Halloween

2. Baby’s Homemade Superman Costume

Another costume idea to make at home for her baby, a Superman costume. A great Halloween costume easy to make for free.

superman costume for babies and children

3. Baby Yoda Costume

You’re a die-hard Star Wars fan so why not pass on your passion to your baby with a cute DIY Yoda costume? Not a bad idea! ?

Yoda costume for babies to make yourself

4. Costume for dad and son ?

A classic that already dates back a few years with the film Lendemain de garde but which is still very popular this year on Halloween.

Costume for dad and baby from the movie aftermath

5. A baby burrito ? too cute!

This is without a doubt one of the funniest and cutest Halloween costumes for babies! A baby burrito… So funny!

dress up your baby as a burrito for Halloween

6. A duo of old ladies ?

Two babies to dress up for your Halloween party this year? Why not dress them up as old ladies? ?

old lady baby costume

7. Watch out for the mousetrap ?

Another great Halloween costume idea for babies… A mouse in a mousetrap ?

mouse disguise and mousetrap for babies

8. Harry Potter you know ?

Although the films date back a few years, Harry Potter remains a must-have as a Halloween costume, even for babies.

Harry Potter costume for babies

9. A baby dressed as a spider ?

If you have a talent for sewing then here is a spider Halloween costume for babies. Your baby will be all the rage on Halloween.

baby dressed as a spider for Halloween

10. Baby as a lumberjack ?

One last perfect disguise for your child, a lumberjack costume.

lumberjack costume for her baby

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