10 barbecue accessories

Do you want new accessories for barbecue cooking?

Beyond conventional grills and utensils, did you know that there is a wide choice of barbecue gadgets and accessories? Gadget for cooking bacon and corn on the cob, accessory for cooking vegetables and many other utensils.

10-Trucs presents its selection of the best barbecue accessories to buy this summer! Perfect for BBQ enthusiasts!

1. Cook bacon on the barbecue

Cooking bacon on the barbecue requires a little knowledge so as not to risk setting fire to your barbecue with all the fat that this cooking of bacon causes.

Fortunately, with this accessory specially designed for cooking bacon on the barbecue, your problem is solved. Not bad at all as a gadget!

barbecue accessory for cooking bacon

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2. Gadget to cook Quesadillas on BBQ

Do you like to eat good quesadillas in the summer? Why not cook them directly on the barbecue grills? Here is an accessory specially designed to prepare quesadillas on the BBQ. You will love!

cook quesadillas on the barbecue with this accessory

3. Accessory for cooking vegetables on the BBQ

When you want to cook vegetables on the barbecue, you often opt for vegetable skewers. But there is also an accessory for cooking vegetables on the barbecue grills that you can buy. You like?

accessory for cooking vegetables on the barbecue

4. Gadget for meatballs

How about cooking meatballs right on the barbecue grates? An accessory to get for the barbecue at home or for the small oven when camping.

cook meatballs on the barbecue with this accessory

5. The perfect cook’s kit ?

Here is the perfect support for the amateur chef for this summer! Perfect for cooking on the barbecue, don’t you think?

You can store your favorite spices and seasonings, sauces, BBQ utensils, linens, and much more!

barbecue stand kit

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6. Cook corn on the barbecue

Of course it is possible to cook the corn directly on the grill of the barbecue but for a better control of the cooking this accessory is ideal.

accessory for cooking corn on the barbecue

7. Make popcorn on the barbecue ?

It’s summer, it’s hot and the evening promises to be very beautiful… Why not make some popcorn on the barbecue tonight? Here’s a simple gadget that lets you pop your BBQ popcorn. What a good idea!

grill accessory for barbecue popcorn

8. S’mores on the barbecue… Yum yum!

What could be more delicious than good s’mores around the fire or on the terrace with friends. Here is a barbecue accessory that allows you to prepare several s’mores at the same time.

s'mores on the barbecue

9. Great for BBQ chicken thighs!

Here is an accessory to have in your collection this summer! Ideal for grilling your small chicken thighs to eat on the edge of the fire.

cooking chicken legs on a barbecue rack

10. A reusable surface for the BBQ

Here is a barbecue accessory to use to cook vegetables, eggs or other foods. Perfect for not dirtying everything in the barbecue.

reusable surface for barbecuing

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