10 breakfast ideas on campsites

What to do for lunch while camping?

Camping with friends or family is often an opportunity to let go and cook good meals, both for breakfast and for supper.

10 Tips offers you today 10 breakfast ideas to make while camping. Enjoy your lunch!

The 10 camping breakfast ideas:

1. Bacon for breakfast… ?

Bacon, what could be more delicious than a good slice of bacon well cooked on the fire or on the BBQ to start the day? Here’s a simple idea for cooking bacon for weekend camping lunch.

bacon for breakfast while camping

2. A burrito for camping

Fabulessly Frugal’s blog brings us their delicious camping breakfast burritos recipe. Of course, before arriving at the campsite you must have prepared a few things beforehand so that the Saturday morning lunch is quick and efficient. The whole family will love their burritos!

camping lunch burritos recipe


3. An omelet in a freezer bag (Ziploc)

When camping, you don’t necessarily have the taste or the time to prepare everything, especially for breakfast. So why not prepare your omelet preparation in a freezer bag?

There are several omelet recipes online, you can also use your own recipe which you just have to place in bags and then simply cook them in boiling water. Here’s a bagged omelet idea from the Beyer Beware blog.

bagged omelet recipe for camping


4. A good taquitos for breakfast

The taquitos which is similar to a taco, burritos, fajitas… in short, we have a little difficulty disentangling all that! ? This is a breakfast recipe, perfect for camping that consists of scrambled eggs, cheese, sausages and corn tortilla… Yum yum!

For the list of ingredients and preparation steps for the taquitos recipe, visit the Tastes Better from Scratch blog!

homemade taquitos recipe for camping


5. Potatoes, onion and bacon

To accompany your omelette or your eggs while camping on Saturday morning, why not cook good potatoes with onions and bacon, a recipe from RicardoCuisine.

potatoes with bacon and onion for camping


6. Eating oatmeal, even when camping!

Gruan is a nutritious dish and therefore perfect to start a day of camping. Geneviève O’Gleman offers us on her blog a wonderful idea for gourmet oatmeal in a bowl. All that’s left is the boiling water to add when you want to eat your oatmeal. Perfect for kids camping!

Bowl Oatmeal Recipe for Camping


7. A good breakfast burger for camping

How about starting the camping day with a delicious breakfast burger? ? Find the complete recipe to prepare your burgers on Saturday morning on the Jelly Toast blog.

breakfast burger recipe for camping


8. Ham Croissant Recipe…Always delicious!

What could be simpler but oh so delicious than eating a good ham sandwich in the morning! Here is a simple little recipe for camping lunch with a croissant, cheese, an egg and ham, yum yum!

breakfast croissant recipe with ham, egg and cheese


9. A good pizza lunch while camping

One thing is for sure, your kids will love eating this pizza for breakfast this weekend! The coolest thing is that the crust on the sides of the pizza is replaced by good Tater Tots type potatoes, yum yum!

The complete recipe with ingredients and preparation steps on The Gunny Sack blog.

Camping breakfast pizza with tater tots


10. Bacon Pancake Recipe for Camping!

Perfect for breakfast tomorrow morning while camping, a delicious homemade Pancake recipe with bacon inside! That looks good! The complete recipe with ingredients and steps on the Listotic site.

Camping bacon pancake recipe

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