10 cool tips for camping!

Camping Hacks: Cool things to check out for your camping trip!

Camping is still very popular especially with the cost of living always increasing year on year. Many families therefore opt for a camping vacation during the summer, whether in a tent or a trailer, there are many possibilities. But how about some cool tips to make camping life easier this summer?

10 Tips today offers you 10 Camping Hacks type tips to test and make for your camping trip.

The 10 camping tips:

1. Protect tent pegs and your feet ?

Have you ever snagged your feet in camping tent stakes? What could be worse than going out at night and getting your feet stuck in the pickets!

To avoid hurting yourself, just wrap the stakes with bits of pool noodles. Simple, effective and really cheap as a tip.

protect the pegs of a camping tent

2. Make a camping fire starter

Here’s an idea for making an efficient and quick fire starter to start a fire on your next camping trip. To make this fire starter you must fill a roll of toilet paper with dryer foam and wrap the roll with newspaper in the end for a better result.

diy fire starter camping

3. Container for transporting matches

Here is an original idea to carry your matches for camping this summer. A container for storing matches that can also be used to light them. Really a great idea!

Container for transporting matches while camping

4. Transport food in a cooler

The cooler is handy for carrying cold stuff and ice cubes, but why not use it to carry the rest of the food too? Here’s how to separate cold beverages from dry foods in a cooler.


5. A soft floor in the camping tent

What a great idea to furnish the interior of the camping tent, ideal for small families. A soft floor in the camping tent that you can buy in children’s toy stores or online on Amazon for example.

Soft floor for camping tent

6. Camping storage and organization

Here is an idea for storing and organizing your camping stuff this summer. Just buy a stand like the picture below. Ideal for storing and organizing your kitchen stuff or your cleaning stuff. Do you like the idea?

Storage and organization while camping, tip hacks

7. Camping Hacks: Laundry Detergent Bottle

Here’s a simple idea to turn a bottle of laundry detergent into a hand washing station, perfect for families camping.

Camping hand washing station

8. Bring solar lights when camping

It’s a simple idea, but few people think of bringing solar lamps to light up the campsite. You can find a kit of 4 or 6 solar-powered lights online for less than $30.

solar lamp for camping

9. DIY: a reading lamp for camping

Whether to use as a reading lamp or simply as a mood light in a camping tent or tent trailer, this lamp is really a great idea. A headlamp and an empty gallon of milk are enough to make this camping lamp.

DIY camping lamp to make

10. DIY: Camping First Aid Kit

Here is an idea to keep fit and healthy during your family camping trip; a first aid kit in a tackle box or tool box.

DIY camping first aid kit

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