10 costumes for dogs and cats :)

How to disguise your cat and dog on Halloween?

Are you looking for an original idea to disguise your cat or dog for Halloween? How about making your own Halloween costume for your pet?

10 Tips offers you 10 ideas for Halloween costumes for dogs and cats. Happy Halloween and have fun!

1. Cat pirate costume

Here is a first Halloween costume idea for a cat, a pirate costume. Admit that it’s really perfect for disguising your cat on Halloween. ? ? ?

pirate costume for cats on Halloween

2. A little dog dressed up as a mouse ?

Very original this mouse disguise for a small dog or for a cat.

mouse and rat dog costume

3. Disguise a cat as a lion ?

A classic for Halloween, disguise your cat as a lion with a beautiful lion’s mane.

dress up a cat as a lion for halloween

4. A ghost dog costume

So simple as a Halloween costume idea for a dog. Of course your dog may quickly take off his disguise but you will have time to take some fun pictures. ? ?

ghost costume for a dog

5. Superman disguise

Dressing up your dog as Superman on Halloween what a great idea ?

superman dog costume

6. Minion costume for cat and dog

For a cat or a small dog here is a good Halloween costume idea… A minion ?

cat dressed up as Halloween minions
minion costume for dog and cat

7. A dog disguised as a shrub ?

Discover all the steps to make this shrub-shaped dog Halloween costume on The Flirty guide blog.

shrub costume for a dog

8. Leai and Ewok costumes ?

A duo for a dog and his mistress! An Ewok costume for your dog and a Leia costume for you. Star Wars theme for this year on Halloween.

Ewok costume dog halloween

9. Harry Potter Cat and Dog Costume

And yes, Harry Potter is even popular with cats and dogs on Halloween.

Harry Potter Dog Halloween Costume

10. Cat who thinks he’s a cowboy ?

Here is one last costume for a cat or a small dog for Halloween. A harness on which is attached a stuffed mouse to make like a horse and a cowboy.

cat disguised as a horse with a mouse as a rider, like a cowboy

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