10 cupcake stands

How to make a cupcake stand?

Do you have a new passion, that of baking wonderful and delicious cupcakes and cupcakes? How about DIY your own cupcake stand to showcase your latest culinary creations?

10 Tips presents you today 10 DIY ideas to make a pretty cupcake display. Happy DIY!

The 10 cupcake stands:

1. A cupcake stand with logs

Here is a simple idea and so trendy today to do with logs. Very Pinterest as a DIY idea, no?

cupcake stand made with logs

2. A small stepladder as a display

Easy to make, here is a small stepladder with a few steps to present cupcakes. Perfect for a wedding or anniversary. This idea is really very nice.

wooden stepladder as a cupcake stand

A display worthy of a real wedding cake

Here is another DIY idea to do with your old wooden boards at home. Make 4 wooden boxes that you will fix one above the other to add the cupcakes. What a great idea!

wood cupcake stand diy

4. Cupcake Jump Layout

Here is another perfect idea for a wedding presentation. An arrangement of metal jumps to create a unique and original cupcake display for the wedding.

metal jump arrangement as a cupcake stand

5. Make a cardboard cupcake stand

Why not use cardboard to make a cupcake stand? This is Annie’s idea from the Annies-eats.com blog. Discover all the steps to create this cupcake stand directly on Annie’s blog.

The necessary equipment:

materials to make a cardboard cupcake stand

The finished cupcake stand:

DIY cardboard cupcake stand

6. An old candlestick as a cupcake stand

Here is an ingenious idea for a cupcake stand made with an old candlestick. Do you like this idea?

An old candlestick as a cupcake stand

7. A presentation tray ?

Another DIY idea to make your own cupcake display is to use 3 trays and a pole that you arrange together. MAGNIFICENT!

presentation tray for cupcake and cake

8. Steps to create a nice tiered display

Here is a photo that shows how to create a nice tiered display for your cupcakes. Your guests will love this presentation!

steps and materials to create a tiered display for cupcakes

9. A Chic Chic Chic Display

Do you know the Shanty 2 Chic DIY blog? If you don’t know, go check it out! Here is an idea that comes from this site where you will discover all the stages of creation of this magnificent cupcake display.

cupcake stand from Shanty 2 Chic

10. Rustic-chic cupcake stand

Here is one last DIY project idea to make a pretty cupcake display with a rustic chic look. This display stand is perfect for placing your cupcakes for the wedding.

rustic chic cupcake stand

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