10 decoration ideas for Halloween

Need ideas for decorating your home this Halloween?

Halloween is a holiday that young and old alike greatly appreciate! Costumes, horror, treats…everything is there for maximum pleasure!

You want to decorate for Halloween but you lack a little inspiration? So here are 10 tips for you to decorate for Halloween!

The 10 ideas for decorating the house on Halloween:

1. Make spiders out of pumpkins

To make gigantic spiders, take pumpkins and stick pipe cleaners in them. You can stick on big eyes and even paint the pumpkins black if you want!

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2. Old-fashioned centerpieces

With old branches collected outside, concoct magnificent centerpieces. Add some synthetic cobwebs and you’re done!

3. Illuminated ghosts

Take empty white plastic cans and draw big black eyes on them. Place an electronic candle inside and you will have illuminated ghosts that you can put both inside and outside the house.

4. Bloody sheets for Halloween

Tear old white sheets and pour red-colored substances on them. It can be ketchup, tomato juice or corn syrup. You can also buy fake blood. Then hang those bloody sheets out in the trees.

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5. Ghost Babies

Inflate white balloons and draw black eyes on them. Hang your baby ghosts around the house or in the trees outside.

6. Halloween light

Buy mason jars and decorate them as you wish. For example, you can turn them into little Halloween houses. Insert electronic candles inside and you will have beautiful lighting that is both original and decorative.

7. Original punch bowls

Simply hollow out one or more pumpkins and use them as punch bowls for your Halloween party.

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8. Cardboard Skeletons

Cut skeletons out of cardboard and stick them in your windows. A simple little idea to decorate for Halloween this year.

9. Cardboard bats

With egg carton boxes, you can, by cutting everything into pieces of three, create bats! Take one of the pieces and turn it upside down (holes towards the ground). So you will have 3 bumps. The middle one forms the bat’s head and the other two the wings. Then you just have to paint them black.

10. Creepy Trees

Go get all kinds of branches and tint them black. Then hang them on your wall and you have a dark and eerie forest.

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