10 game ideas for Christmas

Want some game ideas for your Christmas party?

When we celebrate Christmas, we eat, we dance, we talk and we open presents. But it’s always fun to play games to ignite the party even more. Young and old alike love to play games on Christmas Eve!

If you want to organize small games but you lack ideas, here is for you 10 easy-to-organize Christmas game ideas.

Game suggestions for Christmas and the holidays:

1. At Christmas, the neither yes nor no game will be all the rage!

Pin 5-10 clothespins to everyone’s clothes (same number of pins per person). Throughout the evening or for a specific time, no one has the right to say yes or no. Every time someone manages to get someone else to say yes or no, he steals a pin and hangs it on himself. At the end of the game, whoever has the most pins wins.

An easy game to play at your Christmas party this year that will amuse children and adults alike.

2. Paper clip necklace game for Christmas

Form teams of two and sit each player facing each other with a pile of paper clips in the middle. Everyone closes their eyes and the first player takes turns hooking two paperclips together. Then the second player, still with his eyes closed, hooks a third paper clip and so on. Once the game is over, the team with the longest necklace wins.

A Christmas party that could be very fun!

3. Unwrap a Christmas present with mittens

A wrapped gift is placed in the center of the table. All participants wear mittens. Each of them have a number from 1 to 6 assigned to them. Roll the die. The person with the number on the dice begins to unwrap the Christmas present. Immediately another person rolls the dice and another person continues to try to unwrap the gift. The first person to successfully unwrap the Christmas present wins the present!

This Christmas game is a classic and always very popular during Christmas parties. Do not hesitate to put several layers of wrapping paper to complicate the game a little! ? ?

4. The Toast Game

Write the names of the guests on small papers and put them in a hat. Each person picks a name and during New Year’s Eve they must give a personalized toast to this person. An interesting game to do at Christmas to give a cute and real moment to the evening.

5. Mistletoe of thanks

Everyone forms a circle. The first person rolls a dice and depending on the number they will have to say personalized thanks under the mistletoe to the person who will be placed to the left or right of them according to the given number. For example, the die falls on 3. Then the person will have to say thank you to the third person from his right or from his left.

6. Christmas carol competition

Divide your guests into multiple teams. Each team chooses a song (either a Christmas song or a popular song). Words of the song must be changed in order to personalize the song. Then, the teams take turns singing their Christmas song.

7. Riddle Christmas stocking

This game can be fun for both adults and children. Put all kinds of objects in a Christmas stocking. One by one, the players will have to enter their hand inside to try to guess what is the object he is holding without, of course, looking.

A simple and fun Christmas game for the whole family!

8. Race in the snow

Again, this game can be played by both children and adults. Dress warmly and go outside. Make teams of two and tie the two people together, by the foot for example. All teams will have to run in the snow with their feet bound.

9. New Friends

Place small papers in a hat, writing numbers on them. The same figures must be found on two different papers. So if you are ten people, you will have to have 10 papers which will be numbered from 1 to 5 twice. The guests then draw a paper and join the person who has the same number as them. Throughout the evening, they will have to ask each other questions here and there to get to know each other well. At the end of the evening, everyone will have to introduce their new friend by describing him as best as possible.

10. Matching Game

A person says a word. Another person must say another word that is related to this word. A third person says another word that is related to this last word. For example, a person says house. The other says door, the third says lock, the fourth says key, the fifth says success (the key to success) and so on.

So, with all the Christmas games offered above, your Christmas party and your holiday season promise to be fun! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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