10 games to play outside this summer

Have fun outdoors this summer with your kids!

Summer is the perfect season for you to have fun outside, whether you are young or old there are a ton of game ideas to play outside, on the field!

10 Tips offers you 10 ideas for outdoor games to fully enjoy the summer with your children. Have fun, that’s the important thing!

The 10 games for children to play outside:

1. Life-size Angry Birds game!

WOW! It doesn’t get any better than this life-size Angry Birds game for outdoor play! Adults and children will really love playing this game this summer!!!

Giant Angry Birds game to play outside

2. A pocket game to play outside

Your kids will love this pocket game idea to play outside this summer. You can play beanbags right in your driveway.

pocket games to play outside in the summer

3. Giant outdoor memory game

To entertain your children outdoors this summer, here is an idea for a game to create… A memory game! It’s the same principle as tabletop memory games but this time it’s in a giant format to play outside this summer. Great game idea!

memory games to play outside this summer

4. The game of washer, a classic!

Do you know the game of Washer? It’s a classic for summer parties, young and old alike love to play washers! Discover the steps to make your own washer game to play outside this summer with your children thanks to the ECAB site.

make a washer game for the summer

5. The Tic Tac Toe Frisbee

An original outdoor game idea for your children, tic tac toe to play with a frisbee! Original to entertain young and old outdoors this summer.

tic tac toe frisbee game for kids

6. Shoot to knock down!

A fun game to entertain the kids this summer outdoors, the pull and drop game. Easy to make, a rope, two bins and two pairs of arms!

pull and fall game with rope

7. A block of ice to play archaeologist

Here is a very simple idea to have fun with your child to become an archaeologist for a few minutes. Just hide toys in a block of ice… Fun, simple and perfect for playing outside this summer.

Play archaeologist with toys and an ice block

8. Dartboard and balloons

A board, balloons and staples to attach the balloons to the board once inflated. That’s all it takes to make this perfect game to play outside with the family.

dartboard and balloon to play outside

9. A small garden for children

To keep your children busy this summer and above all to force them to play outside, why not make them a small custom garden, just for them! Really cool idea!

make a garden for your child

10. Throw the ball into the cans

Simple and great activity for children this summer. String, cans of different sizes, a branch as a support and a scoring system. A fun and easy to make game to play outside with your children.

Ball game to make for children

* Source of images and ideas: Games and activities for children

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