10 Halloween games for kids!

Looking for Halloween games?

Do you want to make fun little games with your kids for Halloween party this year? Many of the games offered below can be done easily by hand and at home!
Your kids will definitely love the games and activities offered below! Have fun and above all happy Halloween! ?

The 10 fun games for Halloween:

1. A Halloween photobooth for children

A really fun activity idea for both children and older children is the famous Photobooth!

The Photo Booth is very popular at weddings, proms or other events so why not make it a special Halloween for the kids?

Here are several ideas for creating your own Halloween Photobooth:

2. Catch balloons… Easy and fast as a game!

The first Halloween game idea is the Balloon Catcher! If you are looking for a last minute activity, well this game is perfect and requires little preparation:

  • We inflate balloons
  • We make cardboard cones
  • And hop, we have fun like little crazy


3. A game of mini golf on Halloween

Mini golf games for children on Halloween

Before placing a candle or better candy in the pumpkin why not use it to play mini golf with your children? In fact, young and old will love this special HALLOWEEN game.

Here is a video that shows all the steps to make your mini golf set with a pumpkin:

4. Halloween Bowling Games

I don’t know about you, but here the little homemade bowling games are always very popular with my children! So why not make a special Halloween one to amuse the little ones on the big night?!

Here are some Halloween bowling game ideas:

5. An obstacle course in the house

If your children are very fond of obstacle course games, then you could do them in the house or even outside.

Here are some ideas for routes to entertain the children on this Halloween day:

6. A bean bag game for Halloween

We all played the pocket game when we were little, right?! ? So here is a very simple idea for a pocket game to make with a large cardboard box.

Pocket games with cardboard box for Halloween

Another game similar to the pocket game that requires a lot of precision is the hoop toss. Here is a game idea to create with hula hoops and cardboard witch hat.:

Play a Hoop Toss Game for Halloween

7. Halloween DIY with Tissue Boxes

If you prefer to do crafts, here’s a fun one to do with your kids for Halloween.

You can both play ball games or even place candy bags for the children who spend Halloween.


8. Make a pinata for Halloween

All children like to play pinata on a birthday or a child’s party. So how about making a special Halloween pinata to amuse young and old alike.

Here are 4 DIY Pinata ideas and shapes for Halloween:

9. An original idea to give candy to children

This idea for Halloween is one of my favorites! It’s actually about making a stand with compartments where candies will be hidden for the children who are hunting for candies! ?


10. A special Halloween potion for kids!

For the past few years my kids have loved making special potions when October rolls around. You can also create a little game where your child must dip his hand in a sticky mixture to find objects.

For example, you can go to a dollar store to buy cheap Halloween stuff and accessories to incorporate into the potion.

Here’s a fun, gooey mix and match idea for the Halloween party:

Make Goo Mix for Kids on Halloween

All the steps for this special potion here: https://theplaybasedmom.com/witchs-potion-halloween-sensory-activity

To discover in detail all our ideas for Halloween games and activities for children, it’s here: Halloween Special Table.

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