10 ideas for a Halloween dinner

Are you planning a Halloween party with the family?

If you’re hosting a Halloween meal, there’s a lot to plan besides the meal itself!

It is a whole related to this wonderful holiday and that is why we offer you here 10 different ideas to bring in connection with the Halloween meal! Bon appetit!

1. Host a murder mystery dinner!

What could be better for Halloween than to organize a murder mystery dinner! There will be fun, costumes, suspense, dinner! Everything for a successful Halloween dinner!

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2. Imposing a theme for Halloween

For your dinner, you can impose an evening or costume theme! For example, the theme of your Halloween meal could be the 20s or vampires!

3. Plan games for Halloween night

On the web, you will find a variety of games to play for Halloween! Even if it’s just simple games such as Mystery Drawing (Make me a drawing but Halloween version) or picking apples with your mouth, etc. The guests will have a blast!

4. Create a good atmosphere for Halloween dinner

To create a good atmosphere for the meal, do not hesitate to adjust the lighting, to light candles and lanterns and to add dark music. Perfect for your special Halloween dinner and party!

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5. Prepare pumpkins with family or friends

You can decorate and arrange pumpkins all together! You could even turn this activity into a pumpkin contest! Who will have the most beautiful pumpkin?

6. Process food

You can do all kinds of things with food! You can create a skeleton with vegetables! Make tombstones with cookies! Making brains at Jell-O!

7. Make a bloody punch on Halloween

You can just make a big bowl of lemonade mixed with red coloring or outright have some fruit punch. Add eyes in it (or even finger candies). For the eyes, you can buy large plastic eyes sold in stores for $1. Be careful, however, not to collect them when you use them in the punch.

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8. Make a pignata

If children are present, they will be delighted to tap on the pignata to receive candy! Choose a Halloween pignata of course!

9. Halloween candy picking

For young and old, hide candies all over the house so they can be found and picked up by guests.

10. Organize a costume contest

This will be the icing on the sundae! Guests will be delighted to be able to put their beautiful Halloween costume to good use! Ideal for a Halloween party with your friends!

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