10 ideas for creating Christmas cards

Ideas for making beautiful handmade Christmas cards!

At Christmas, it is always very interesting to offer cards to all the members of your family as well as to your friends and colleagues!

But why pay for impersonal greeting cards when you can make them yourself? It will be great as an activity with your children and your Christmas cards will be much more personalized! Here are 10 DIY ideas to create your Christmas cards!

The 10 DIY ideas for Christmas cards:

1. A beautiful Christmas card to make

Here’s a beautiful Christmas card to make with your favorite wrapping paper and some sparkles. Admit that the end result is as beautiful and even prettier than real greeting cards bought in store.

Christmas card with Christmas paper and cardboard

2. Simple and pretty this Christmas card

It’s hard to get a simpler Christmas DIY, but you have to admit that this Christmas card is really pretty!

Christmas card with snowman to make

3. A greeting card with Rudolph

WOW, another great DIY idea for making your own Christmas card featuring Rudolph! Really beautiful this Christmas card!

Diy Rudolph Christmas Card

4. Lots of little Christmas trees ?

Do not hesitate to put several shades of green for your little trees on the map. Your family will love receiving this beautiful greeting card.

Christmas card with fir trees

5. What a beautiful Christmas card!

Another idea for making your own Christmas cards… Beautiful!

Make a beautiful Christmas card

6. Beautiful Christmas trees

Another beautiful card with Christmas trees cut out and decorated with scrapbooking paper.

Cut Christmas trees out of scrapbook paper

7. A bit of knitting ?

On the card below it’s a moose, but you can choose other things like a Christmas present with its bow, a tree with its balls, etc. Really beautiful this greeting card!

Christmas card with knitting

8. Simple and pretty this greeting card

Original this Christmas card and very easy as DIY. You can buy the small beads at craft and DIY stores.

Handmade greeting card for Christmas

9. Beautiful snowflakes ?

Another simple idea, a branch with embossed snowflakes. You can even buy them on Etsy if you’re short on time!

Christmas card with snowflakes

10. An embossed tree in the Christmas card

Here is a DIY idea to create a Christmas card with a tree in relief that you open the card. You will find all the steps to make this beautiful greeting card by following the link under the image.

A tree in relief in the Christmas card

If you prefer to send a birthday card by email or SMS here is a guide to the best card sites: Virtual birthday card.

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