10 ideas for decorating the Christmas tree

Do you want the prettiest decorated Christmas tree?

Christmas is coming and you wonder how you are going to decorate your Christmas tree this year? Well tell yourself that you can be creative and imagine anything you want! After all, it’s your own Christmas tree!

Determine first if you want a traditional tree or a more modern one and let yourself be creative! To help you, here are some tips and ideas for decorating the Christmas tree!

Ideas for decorating a Christmas tree:

1. Always start with Christmas lights

When decorating your Christmas tree, always start by putting on your light sets first. These must be put in first so that the wires are well hidden afterwards. Do not hesitate to put lights in depth, near the tron, it gives a magnificent Christmas tree in the end!

gifts under the Christmas tree

2. Hang garlands

Afterwards, if you have garlands to put in the tree, it will be a good time. Make sure that they hide the light wires well, avoiding of course hiding the bulbs. Wrap them well all around your Christmas tree, harmonizing everything and providing a nice visual balance.

3. A theme for his Christmas tree

For a Christmas tree to be beautiful, it needs to be harmonized. In other words, you must respect a theme or a style for your tree. If you like traditional trees, you will opt for colors of green and red. On the other hand, if you like to modernize everything, you will choose colors of white, mauve, blue or silver for your Christmas tree.

4. Avoid too much color in your Christmas tree

Try not to choose more than 3 main colors for your tree. Also, you can accessorize it with all kinds of materials or decorations, but the important thing will always be that the colors are harmonized.

light in the christmas tree

5. Leave some space at the bottom of the tree

If you want to hang garlands or balls from your tree, you can do so, but don’t forget to leave a space to easily slip your Christmas gifts for your children!

6. Add a personal touch

You can if you want to hang family photos in your tree! Do a little crafting and cut and glue pictures onto small pieces of cardboard and hang them on your tree. A great DIY idea to do with your children for a pretty Christmas tree decorated with taste and with the family.

Christmas tree decoration

7. Do not limit your ideas

Everything can be hung in a Christmas tree! Beads, necklaces, candy canes, kids crafts and more! Don’t be afraid to be creative!

8. A musical Christmas tree

Some musical decorations can be added to the Christmas tree. It will of course be fun, especially for children! But still try to find musical decorations that you can control and therefore stop! Because you may not want to hear them at Christmas!

decorate a christmas tree

9. A shiny Christmas tree

If you want a Christmas tree that’s sparkly, you can add sparkles! There are spray glitter or silver streaks that you can hang on your branches. Finally, you just have to buy pearly and very sparkling decorations!

10. A tree that smells good

Good smells can also add a little je ne sais quoi to your Christmas tree! So you can scent it or add scented decorations! You can also dry fruit or add garlands of potpourri directly to the tree!

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