10 ideas for decorating your Halloween pumpkin

Lots of ideas to transform your pumpkin for Halloween!

Do you lack inspiration to decorate your pumpkins this year for Halloween?

10 Tips offers you 10 ideas and photos of pumpkins to help you create the most beautiful Halloween decor with small and large pumpkins.

1. Paint and decorate your pumpkins

What a great idea to paint and add small decorative accessories to create a Halloween decoration with pumpkins. You can also use artificial pumpkins to reuse the same decoration every year on Halloween.

painting halloween pumpkin,

2. An original idea to do with pumpkins

pumpkin with flames,

3. Turn a pumpkin into an owl ?

Lots of creativity in this pumpkin idea for Halloween. You can have fun creating other animals if the inspiration strikes. ?

diy owl pumpkin,

4. Flower patterns for the pumpkin

Who said the Halloween pumpkin had to be scary on Halloween? Here is an idea to decorate your pumpkins this year… Beautiful leaves and flowers to engrave in your pumpkins.

pumpkin flower pattern

5. A pumpkin mummy for Halloween

Here is an idea to turn a pumpkin into a mummy to decorate your house on Halloween.

pumpkin mommy

6. Decorate the entrance to the house with pumpkins

Why settle for just one pumpkin when you can decorate your front door with lots of beautiful pumpkins! Your kids and neighborhood kids will love your Halloween decoration.


7. A pumpkin with mice ?

If you have a mouse phobia, maybe you should pass your turn with this decoration idea for a pumpkin.

mouse hole in a pumpkin,

8. A funny idea to decorate your pumpkin

What do you think of this pumpkin idea? A big pumpkin eating a small pumpkin! Original as an idea ?

funny Pumpkin,

9. Beautiful white pumpkins

What a great idea to paint pumpkins white to give a unique and original look to your Halloween decoration.

white pumpkin

10. Deco idea for Halloween

How do you find this house decoration for Halloween. The result is truly superb!

halloween decoration,

* Source of images and ideas: Halloween

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