10 ideas for long curly hair

What hairstyle for my long curly hair?

It’s normal to be out of ideas when it comes time to do your hair in the morning for school or work or for a big occasion or a special event. If you have long, curly hair, you are one of the lucky ones to be able to experiment with many hairstyles.

10 Tips offers you today its selection of hairstyle ideas for long curly hair.

The 10 ideas for long and curly hair:

1. A beautiful hairstyle idea for the graduation ball

No matter what your hair color is, here is a great hairstyle idea for long curly hair. Do you like this hairstyle? Ideal for the graduation ball, right?

hairstyle idea for brown, long and curly hair for the prom

2. Long, curly and blond hair… In all simplicity

Why complicate your life to want to create a technically difficult hairstyle when simplicity is often much prettier. Look at the photo below you will understand.

Long, blond and curly hair made easy

3. A curly hairstyle idea for the bride

If you have long hair and want a very pretty hairstyle for the big day, your wedding, here is an idea that you will love!

Hairstyle for long curly hair for the bride

4. Very pretty curly blond hair

Beautiful wide curls on very long blond hair… An irreproachable look!

Hairstyle for very long blonde curly hair

5. Curly Hair for Wedding

Another hairstyle idea to achieve on long and curly hair. Really beautiful for the wedding. You like?

Pale blonde hair for a wedding hairstyle

6. Another simplistic and pretty idea

If you have very long curly hair, here is a simple idea to style your hair quickly in the morning before going to work or school.

Long hair curly brown idea

7. Curly hairstyle on red hair

Do you find red hair coloring to be simply stunning? Here is a nice hairstyle idea and cut on red, long and curly hair.

Red and curly hair

8. Messy look you like?

Do you like the fashion for messy haircuts and hairstyles? Here is a beautiful example of disheveled hairstyle on long and curly hair.

Messy hairstyle on long red hair

9. Just give up…

Why would you want a hairstyle that will take hours to achieve when the simple act of letting your hair fall naturally back is still just beautiful. Take a look for yourself in the photo below!

long hair curls back 09

10. One last hairstyle idea on long curly hair

Here is one last hairstyle idea for your wedding girls! If you have long curly hair you will love this hairstyle.

wedding hairstyle curly and long hair

Would you like to have beautiful curly hair naturally? I suggest you read this other article: How to curl hair?

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