10 ideas for making a dog house

Small or big dog, here are ideas for kennels!

Have you just adopted a beautiful little dog for the family? How about building him a nice little house where he can take refuge outside to rest and sleep?

Here are 10 ideas and tips for making a beautiful doghouse.

A niche with wooden pallets

Wood pallets are very popular with people who like to make furniture and recycle materials. Here is a beautiful example, a niche entirely made of pallet wood. You like?

wooden pallet dog house

A niche made of recycled materials

This is an excellent idea to recover old materials. A dog house made with an old culvert pipe, admit that the result is really very original.

make a niche with a pipe

A niche in an old wine barrel ?

It is not always easy to find such an oak barrel, but look at the result! A beautiful kennel for your dog!

wine barrel dog house

A niche or a trailer?

It’s hard to get more original than this model of dog trailer! Imagine your little dog climbing up and sleeping in this dog house. ?

trailer for dog

A real dog house!

It’s not just a simple kennel, but a real condo with a built-in balcony for dogs!

Condo for dog

A small house for your dog

Much like the style of the previous kennel, here is a small house for your pet. It really looks like a small miniature house.

Dog house

WOW, this dog house is beautiful!

What more can I say than WOW for this wonderful little dog house. The style and choice of colors is really perfect!

Build a dog house

Modern niche for his pet!

Even your dog is entitled to a modern and cubic little house! Admit that it is perhaps a bit too much, isn’t it?

modern dog house

Another design niche to make

Contemporary style, design and modern look… This dog house is likely to please your pet and make people jealous in the neighborhood!

contemporary dog ​​house

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