10 ideas for making Christmas balls

Create your own Christmas balls, what a great idea!

Are you tired of your old Christmas balls and would you like to have new ones this year? Instead of going shopping, why not make your own Christmas balls?

So it could be a family activity and then you will have personalized Christmas balls to place in your Christmas tree! If the idea appeals to you, here are 10 ideas for making Christmas balls!

The 10 ideas for making Christmas balls:

1. Recycle your old Christmas balls

To do this, you just have to take your old Christmas balls and decorate them differently! You can paint them, cover them with velvet, for example, or add sparkles or stickers.

A very simple idea to revamp your old Christmas balls without spending too much money.

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2. Use newspaper to create Christmas balls

You can make Christmas balls out of newspaper and then add white glue. Round your balls as best you can while kneading them with the white glue, be careful you will get stained hands. You can then hang your paper Christmas balls with hooks or unfolded paperclips on the tree.

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3. Use modeling clay

And yes! Make Christmas balls or shapes with your modeling clay. Tree, cane, ball, star and hang them all in the tree. You can even paint your Christmas balls or stick decorations on them. A great craft idea to do with your children during the holidays.

4. Use small apples for Christmas balls

Of course, these Christmas balls will be temporary, but you can take small apples, paint them or cover them, decorate them and hang them. It will be original as a concept.

5. Make Christmas balls out of Rice Crispies

And yes! Make Rice Crispie squares, but change their shape! Instead of making squares, make balls or trees for example! Add cream or food coloring and your Christmas balls in Rice Crispies will be well decorated!

6. Use a polystyrene ball

Buy a polystyrene ball and cover it with small triangles of fabric with pins. So you can make very colorful and soft Christmas balls to decorate your Christmas tree.

7. Balloons to make a Christmas ball

Blow a balloon so that it takes the shape of a small ball. Then, wrap cotton thread all the way around, leaving spaces between the threads. Then brush the threads with diluted white glue and sprinkle glitter on the glue. Let the glue dry for at least 12 hours and then burst the balloon. You will have a shiny Christmas ball with an interesting design!

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8. A bulb to make Christmas balls

Take a bulb that no longer works and cover it with white glue. Then take small pieces of silk and stick them on the bulb. You can then add liquid glue everywhere to freeze the fabrics. Once the glue dries, you will have a beautiful Christmas ball. Be careful not to break your new Christmas ball, it’s very fragile!

9. Use a straw

Cut circles out of cardboard. Tie these circles to a string on top of each other to form a ball. Then add a cracked straw in the middle to give space between the circles and thus create dimension.

10. Use flowers to create a Christmas bauble

Glue small flowers together to make a bouquet and hang them on the tree as Christmas balls. It will be really beautiful and original as ornaments!

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