10 ideas for recycling a cereal box

What to do with empty cereal boxes?

There are plenty of ways to recycle a box of cereal so the next time you throw your box of cereal in the recycling or trash think about it!

10 Tips offers you today 10 DIY ideas to recycle a box of cereal.

1. Storage for the office with cereal boxes

WOW, what a great DIY idea to turn cereal boxes into storage for your office. You can cover with the paper and colors of your choice to give a more masculine or feminine look.

desk storage with cereal boxes

2. A display for your cupcakes

You do not know how to transport and present your good little cupcakes? Here is an idea to make a transport box for cupcakes with a box of cereal.

Cupcake stand with cereal box

3. Make dividers for drawers

Another good idea for recycling cereal boxes is to cut them up and use them as dividers for kitchen drawers or for bedroom dresser drawers for underwear, for example.

dividers for drawers with cereal boxes

4. Baskets for storing and transporting stuff

Whether it’s to store DIY stuff or to transport your child’s toys, here’s the idea of ​​transforming a cereal box into a small basket.

diy basket with a box of cereal

5. Tidy up and organize the office area

What a great idea to use cereal boxes to turn them into storage for your stationery stuff in the office.

diy stationery storage for the office

6. A guitar with a box of cereal

Another DIY idea your child will love! Just recycle a box of cereal into a guitar as in the image below. Do you like the idea?

make a cardboard guitar for kids

7. Store plastic covers

Here is an idea to transform cereal boxes. Just use them to store your plastic lids in the kitchen. A really simple trick to tidy up the kitchen.

storage for plastic lids

8. Scrapbook Paper Storage

Do you have a lot of scrapbooking sheets and don’t know where to put them? Here is an idea for making a scrapbooking storage with old cereal boxes.

cardboard scrapbooking sheet storage

9. DIY gift bag

Another idea for recycling cereal boxes, making gift bags or simply bags to carry small things. Do you like this recycling idea?

make gift bags out of cereal boxes

10. A garage for small cars

Very simple but so much fun for your child, a garage for toy cars made from a box of cereal. Simple, fast and fun as a toy!

car games with a cardboard box for children

*Source of images and ideas with cereal box: Pinterest – Cardboard box, DIY ideas.

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