10 ideas for setting up a homework corner

Does your child have a homework corner?

Whether for homework and other school work, it is important for your child to have a place conducive to studying. A quiet place conducive to academic success.

10 Tips today offers you 10 ideas for setting up the homework corner for your child at home.

The 10 ideas for a homework corner:

1. A perfect homework corner for girls and boys

Admit that the look of this homework corner is simply magnificent, for both a young boy and a little girl. You will find decorative accessories and other interesting information on this decor and layout on the excellent blog The Ordinary Lovely.

a homework corner for young boy and girl

*source: Theordinarylovely

2. A homework corner with a Pinterest look… WOW

Another very nice homework and study corner for children in a Pinterest look with several very beautiful decorative elements. Do you like this decorative idea?

desk for your child's homework and studies

3. Desk for homework and crafts

Why not set up a desk area that is both ideal for homework but also for your child’s crafts.

desk for your child's homework and crafts

*source: Keltainentalorannalla

4. A minimalist homework corner for children

Sometimes it can be interesting not to overload your child’s desk area so that he is really motivated to do his homework. Here is a very minimalist corner but how pretty.

a minimalist homework corner for children

*source: Ministyle

5. A school desk for homework

For a rustic and Scandinavian style at the same time, why not buy a pretty antique school desk to set up a child’s homework corner? Thanks to the My Scandinavian Home blog for this simply perfect decor.

school desk for your child's homework corner

*source: Myscandinavianhome

6. A wooden desk along one wall…

If you have more than one child going to school here is a great idea for your children’s homework corner. Perfect for the family room or in the hallway.

a wooden desk for a child's homework corner

*source: Deco and renovation idea

7. A pretty revamped desk

Here is another layout idea for a small duty corner in your child’s bedroom with a completely revamped desk. Really nice desk.

desk with chalkboard paint for the homework corner

For all the stages of transformation of this school desk and the list of necessary equipment, go quickly to the Flying House blog.

8. Homework corner for small space

If you don’t have a lot of space to set up a homework area and office area for your child, here is an idea for you from the French by Design blog.

homework nook and workspace for a small space

*source: Frenchbydesign

9. A custom children’s desk

WOW, really unique and original as a homework corner in a bedroom or even in a family room. You will find lots of other great ideas on the Mommo play your design website!

wall cube for the homework and study corner

*source: mommodesign

10. WOW, another great homework corner

A last one just for, how do you find this decoration and layout idea for a child’s homework corner? We love it, simply beautiful!

Set up a homework corner for children

*source: kinderkamerstylist

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