10 ideas for storing plastic bags

A ton of plastic bags to store at home?

Over the days, weeks and months we accumulate a ton of plastic bags at home so why not reuse them. Of course they have to be stored somewhere in the house, but where and how?

10 Tips helps you by offering 10 ideas for organizing and storing plastic bags.

The 10 storage ideas for plastic bags:

1. Use a coffee pot to store plastic bags

A very simple and free idea for storing plastic bags in the house, an old recycled coffee pot. You can paint the can the color of your choice or cover it with decorative wallpaper.

store plastic bags in a recycled coffee pot

2. A DIY plastic bag station

Why not let your creativity run wild and make a plastic bag station? Here is a very simple and pretty idea to tinker with from a cardboard box.

diy plastic bag storage for storing plastic bags

3. Use a tissue box

It’s hard to get more simplistic than this trick! Simply use an empty tissue box and secure it inside one of the kitchen cupboard doors. Great idea for storing your plastic bags.

tissue box for storing plastic bags

4. Make a plastic bag dispenser

Here is another idea for storing and organizing your plastic bags at home, a homemade dispenser. Just make a chain with a knot with all the plastic bags and put them in a big bottle, like in the picture below. A great storage idea for plastic bags.

distributor of plastic bags to be made

5. Another way to store your plastic bags

You can also use a container of disinfectant wipes to store dozens of plastic bags.

Container for plastic bags

6. Use a soda bottle

Simple, simple, simple as an idea for storing plastic bags in the kitchen. Just use a 2 liter size soda bottle to fit all the bags in.

use a plastic bottle to store plastic bags

7. What to do with the boxes of plastic bags?

Have you just bought plastic bags for your trash can, for example? Here is an idea for storing this box optimally in the kitchen.

box of plastic bags for the trash

8. Storage for garbage bags

You don’t know where and how to store your garbage bags in the house? Here is a very simple idea to store your garbage bags with a curtain rod. What a good trick!

Roll storage for trash bags

9. Another plastic bag dispenser to make

Do you have a square tissue box at home? Why not recycle it into a dispenser and storage for plastic bags at home?

Plastic bag dispenser with a square box

10. Make a Plastic Bag Cloth Dispenser

Here are all the necessary materials and steps to make your own cloth bag dispenser. Really very nice as a decorative item in a kitchen or elsewhere in the house. Visit Scrappy Geek’s excellent blog for materials and building steps.

A fabric bag for plastic bags

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