10 ideas for storing scarves

Storage for scarves and neckerchiefs

Have you accumulated dozens of scarves and scarves over the years and don’t know what to do with them? If you’re short on space in the hall closet, we have ideas for you.

10 Tips offers you 10 ideas for storing your scarves without wasting too much space in the closet.

1. A rack with clothespins

Here is a very simple idea to make to store your scarves behind the bedroom door or in a closet. A door hanger, a wooden board and some clothespins, that’s what you need to make this storage for scarves and scarves.

Tidy up your scarves with clothespins

2. Shower curtain holder and ring

support for scarves with shower rings

3. Storage for scarves behind the door

Another idea for storing and organizing your scarves and scarves, a shoe rack that attaches behind the closet door.

organize scarves, storage for scarves

4. A small decorative ladder as storage

You can buy this kind of small decorative piece of furniture or even buy a real small ladder that you retype and then paint in the color of your choice to store your scarves there.

Decorative ladder for storing scarves

5. A small wooden scarf holder

Here is a small wooden support to make to store the scarves. In addition to being practical, it’s pretty as an accessory, isn’t it?

make scarves storage

6. A very original medium

Another DIY idea for storing your scarves, a branch or a small tree trunk on which you then attach supports for your scarves, scarves, hats, mittens or other accessories.

make a wooden support for scarves and scarves

7. Storage for scarves and other accessories

Basically it is a storage idea for gentleman’s ties, but the idea can very well be used to store lady’s scarves and other fashion accessories. You like?

storage for fashion accessories

8. A Simple Rope

Very simple as an idea, but the look of this support is very pretty. Simply attach a rope of your choice to a wall to store and hang the scarves.

attach a rope to the wall for scarves and scarves

9. A wall hanger for scarves

A simple wall bracket that you can attach to a bedroom wall or more discreetly in a closet. You can find several wall bracket models of this type at IKEA for example.

wall bracket for hanging scarves

Now how about discovering new ways to tie these scarves? Come and read our practical tips here: How to wear and tie a large scarf?

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