10 ideas with glowstick light sticks

Lots of cool stuff to do with glow sticks!

In summer, during the many festivals and events, many children wish to have light sticks also known as glowstick! but did you know that it was possible to do lots of cool things with glowsticks?

10 Tips presents 10 ideas to do with glow sticks.

The 10 ideas with glow stick sticks:

1. Glow sticks in balloons

So simple as an idea but so much fun for the little ones. Simply insert a glowstick into a balloon before inflating it. Look at the result, really super cool as an idea!

Glowstick light stick in a balloon

2. An illuminated swimming pool

To add a little atmosphere tonight why not throw illuminated sticks in the pool? Look at the look it gives to the pool when night falls…Beautiful!

Glowstick in the pool

3. A fluorescent lamp

By breaking glow stick sticks you will be able to make beautiful fluorescent lanterns. It is important to wear gloves when cutting the glow sticks.

diy fluorescent lamp

4. A luminous message

Make your own luminous message with glowsticks… What a great idea and so much cheaper than a real electronic luminous message ?

DIY luminous message glow stick

5. Glow stick in the hair ?

How about having an illuminated hairstyle to go out tonight? Here is an idea for inserting glowsticks into your hairstyle. Original as an idea ?

glow stick stick hairstyle

6. Glow Stick Tic-Tac-Toe

Oh so cool again! A great idea for making a Tic-Tac-Toe game with glow sticks. Perfect for playing at your next outdoor family party this summer.

glow stick tic tac toe

7. A fluorescent bath ?

How about creating your own therapeutic bath using light therapy hihi! No need to install an expensive light therapy system, just place glow sticks in the bathtub! ?

glowstick in bath

8. Bright cotton candy

OHHHH, your kids will love the fluorescent cotton candy made from glow sticks. Really a great idea for a children’s party!

fluorescent cotton candy with glow stick

9. Halloween decoration

Why not buy glow sticks to make Halloween decorations on October 31st?

decoration halloween glow stick stick

10. Simply to decorate!

As a last idea you can use glow sticks to decorate. Perfect for decorating a ballroom, the house for a party or setting the mood outside at a party.

glow stick to decorate a party

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