10 IKEA HACK ideas

How to transform a piece of furniture bought at IKEA?

Do you know the IKEA HACK phenomenon? It’s a popular movement online where people come up with ideas to transform and give new use to a piece of furniture or accessory purchased from IKEA. We call it the IKEA hack!

10 Tips invites you to discover 10 Ikea Hack project ideas to transform a piece of furniture from your favorite store.

1. An Ikea laundry basket to transform

The first idea comes to us from The Clever Bunny blog, a blog to put in your favorites if you like decoration and DIY type projects. This idea consists of using the metal frame of an IKEA brand laundry basket to then use it as a frame to make a small table. You will find all the stages of the transformation on the blog in question.

Laundry basket, ikea hack idea

2. A completely transformed $15 IKEA bookcase

A DIY IKEA HACK project idea comes to us this time from the excellent Remodel Aholic site, a site worth visiting and revisiting. Admit that the look of this transformed library is simply perfect.

IKEA hacks bookcase metal transformation

3. Transform the IKEA living room table with a “Farmhouse” look

We all know someone who has this IKEA table at home, that’s the case here ? ? ? . Here is a very simple idea which consists of sticking boards directly on the top of the living room table to give a farmhouse style. Really a very nice IKEA table.

ikea hack farmhouse table

4. Ikea table hack

Another idea in IKEA Hack style now is to completely transform a dining table. How to transform a small, ordinary dining table into a superb table for your dining room.

Ikea Hacking, transformed dining table

5. Got that Ikea wall rack in the kitchen?

Once again, here is another very popular accessory at Ikea with customers, a wall rack for the kitchen and the bathroom. Here is a great idea to use and transform this metal support somewhat. Do you like the idea?

IKEA brand metal wall rack

6. Who doesn’t know this popular Ikea bench ? ? ?

There are a thousand and one possibilities to transform and hack this little Ikea bench at home. Here’s a very simple idea: A little paint and that’s it, here’s a pretty coffee table or even a pretty bedside table.

IKEA HACK, small bench ikea transformation

7. Design a real coffee station ?

Here is a very simple idea to use the accessories on sale at IKEA to set up the coffee corner in the kitchen! Great idea!

coffee corner in the kitchen Ikea accessories

8. Lots of makeup to organize?

If you have a lot of makeup and other beauty and cosmetic products you will definitely like this Ikea Hacking idea ?

ikea makeup storage and organization hacks

9. Make a nice bulletin board for the office

Here’s another Ikea Hack type idea for making a bulletin board wall out of potholders and placemats for sale at Ikea. Really a very nice and good idea at a low price.

make a bulletin board with cauldron protectors

10. A lamp to hang on the wall

Another great idea is to use a tablet stand on sale at Ikea to turn it into a beautiful modern lamp. Truly magnificent!

IKEA HACKS, make a lamp with an Ikea shelf support

To discover all the stages of transformation and other ideas and DIY projects from Ikea furniture visit our Pinterest board: Ikea Hacking and transformation.

11. Turn IKEA furniture into storage for Lego

One last great idea for transforming an IKEA piece of furniture is to make storage for Lego. For this idea, it’s the IKEA TROFAST piece of furniture that has been completely transformed (Hacker) to make a surface for building and storing Lego.

Storage idea and table for lego block

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