10 mosquito repellent plants

A repellent plant against mosquitoes… Yes yes!

Did you know that there are plants and small shrubs that are really effective in the fight against mosquitoes? Whether in the house or on the terrace, mosquitoes can quickly become unbearable for all of us!

To quickly keep mosquitoes away from the terrace and garden this summer, 10 Tips offers you its selection of the 10 best anti-mosquito plants.

Lavender as mosquito repellent

Lavender as mosquito repellent

Lavender has many virtues whether for health or beauty. But did you know that this plant is also very effective in repelling mosquitoes? It’s the smell of lavender that repels mosquitoes so what are you waiting for to plant lavender in your flower bed?

The aurone, do you know this plant?

Aurone, mosquito repellent plant

The aurone is another extremely effective plant for repelling mosquitoes during the summer. Whether outdoors in the garden or indoors in dried form, aurone is a good natural mosquito repellent.

Lemongrass as mosquito repellent

Lemongrass, an anti-mosquito plant

Lemongrass is a popular plant against mosquitoes and other unwanted insects. It is effective in repelling mosquitoes because of its strong smell. Feel free to have lemongrass in your landscaping and garden.

Scented geranium against mosquitoes

geranium, mosquito repellent plant

Scented geraniums such as rose or citronella scents are very effective as mosquito repellents in the garden. Its strong smell allows good mosquito control, ideal for having peace this summer on the terrace.

The garlic plants

mosquito repellent garlic and onion

Onion, chives and garlic are part of the garlic plant family. Plants that can be used as mosquito repellent in the garden. If you go on an excursion, for example, you can rub garlic or onion on your clothes and skin to repel mosquitoes.

sweet woodruff

Sweet woodruff, an anti-mosquito plant

This mosquito repellent plant has the property of giving off a strong odor, an odor that mosquitoes and wasps hate very much. Plant this plant in the garden to quickly drive away these unwanted insects.

A pot of basil

Basilica to repel mosquitoes

Basil is also a plant that gives off a strong smell. A pleasant smell for us humans, but unpleasant for insects including mosquitoes. Whether on the balcony or in the house, a simple pot of basil can help drive away mosquitoes and mosquitoes.

Basil is also excellent against flies and even against cats that come hanging out in the garden as you will discover here: Repellent plant for vegetable garden.

Neem as mosquito repellent

neem, an anti-mosquito tree

If you want a powerful natural mosquito repellent then you have to choose neem. The leaves of this tree are indeed very effective in repelling mosquitoes, but also in repelling flies and other small unwanted insects.

Neem oil also called Neem oil can be used to make your own homemade mosquito spray.

Lantana, do you know this plant?

lantana plant against mosquitoes

Lantana is another very effective mosquito repellent plant. This insect repellent plant is a real shrub with orange and pink colors, beautiful in a landscaping.

lemon eucalyptus

lemon eucalyptus against mosquitoes

This plant is the source of several anti-mosquito products. Do you know the Citriodile brand? This brand of lemon eucalyptus product is as powerful as DEET-based mosquito repellents. So why not plant a few lemon eucalyptus plants in your garden to chase away unwanted little buggers this summer?

Plants are effective but several other tips and tricks exist as you can discover here: Natural mosquito repellent tips.

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