10 original and design coffee cups

Want to drink a good cup of coffee?

For those who like to drink a good coffee in the morning to wake up or in the evening with a good dessert, you will love the idea of ​​designer cups.

Are you interested in drinking a good coffee or a good hot chocolate in an original and practical cup? So here are 10 coffee mugs that should definitely interest you.

1. A coffee cup with good chocolate cookies

There is a large selection of coffee mugs where you can insert your favorite cookies into the bottom of the mug. The photo below is a great example of this snack cup. Original as a coffee mug! You like?

biscuit coffee mug, biscuit hot chocolate mug,

2. A real geek gadget

Here is a coffee mug that is likely to appeal to all geeks and video game lovers out there. Perfect to start the day off right!

geek coffee mug, geek kitchen gadget,

3. A transforming coffee mug

This is an original coffee cup to start the day off on the right foot. The cup transforms when you pour the hot coffee. Very good idea and in addition, you can make the purchase of this coffee mug easily online on Amazon.

transforming coffee mug,

4. Very design this coffee cup!

If you like design and original objects, you will love the mug model illustrated below. You can buy them online on various sites, including the popular auction site Ebay.

designer coffee mug,

5. A cup that floats

Another beautiful designer coffee mug that feels like it’s floating in the air when viewed from a certain angle.

floating coffee cup, floating cup,

6. Be careful not to burn yourself…

This is a very special shape for a coffee cup! Perfect for warming up on the couch while watching a movie this winter. But be careful not to burn yourself!

original coffee cup,

7. The perfect coffee mug for a hairdresser

Hairdresser and hairdresser of this world, you are definitely going to want to buy this special scissors coffee mug!

scissors coffee mug, hairdresser coffee mug,

8. A goal mug ?

Not sure what to give as a gift to a photographer friend? Here is the perfect coffee mug for photo lovers! A mug in the shape of a goal. We will have seen it all!

Photo coffee mug, photo lens coffee mug,

9. Golfer Coffee Mug

Do you like to play golf during your holidays? You will also love this special golfer coffee mug! ? Fun as a coffee mug, don’t you think?

golf coffee mug, golfer coffee mug,

10. A coffee cup and LEGO blocks

You like drinking coffee in the morning and you like LEGO blocks so why not combine your two passions! ?

lego coffee mug,

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