10 original lamps to make yourself

There are a ton of ideas for making cute lamps.

Are you looking for a lamp for the bedroom? Do you want ideas for lamps to make for the office or for the living room?

10 Tips offers you today 10 ideas for original lamps to make yourself.

A vintage lamp to make

Here’s a fun idea to recycle an old license plate. The vintage look of this lamp is just perfect. It is for sale on eBay but nothing prevents you from making this lamp yourself with a basic lamp kit.

Vintage lamp to make with a license plate

DIY: a lampshade with copper pipes

Another very nice idea to transform a hanging lamp… Make a lampshade with copper pipes, the look is just perfect! Go quickly to visit The Gathered Home website for the complete tutorial of this lamp.

A lampshade with copper pipes to make

*source: thegatheredhome

A hanging lamp made of cheese graters

Difficult to do more original and ecological as a hanging lamp. Recycle old cheese graters to make beautiful lamps with an industrial look.

Make a lamp with an old cheese grater

A lamp covered in lace

Here is another idea for a lamp to make and which remains relatively easy to reproduce. All you need is a balloon, lace doilies and glue. Follow the link below the image for the complete creation steps.

make a lamp with a balloon and lace doilies

*source: emmmylizzzy

Hacking IKEA: A bowl lamp to make

Here’s a great idea to give a second use to a bowl on sale at IKEA. Transform an IKEA bowl into a beautiful design and industrial lamp.

IKEA bowl transformed into a pretty designer lamp

*source: designinteriorcubugetmic

Another IKEA HACKING type lamp

Here is another idea for a lamp to make from a tablet stand on sale at IKEA. You can choose the lamp you want of course. The look of this lamp is really superb and current!

Lamp ikea hacking

*source: nalleshouse

Make a pretty lampshade

Here are all the steps and materials needed to make a nice shade for a ceiling type lamp. Follow the link below the photo to discover the complete tutorial that will help you make this ceiling lamp shade.

make lampshade

*source: The Blissful Bee

Recycle a gallon of paint into a lamp

WOW, another great eco-friendly idea to recycle and turn gallons of paint into a beautiful hanging lamp. Follow the link to discover the necessary equipment but also the complete steps to transform paint cans into lamps. The end result is truly spectacular.

Recycle a gallon of paint to make a lamp

*source: lowes.com

Make a concrete lamp

Difficult to do more design, modern and industrial than this lamp made of concrete. Discover all the steps to make this pretty lamp on Pinterest.

make a concrete lamp

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