10 pool game ideas

Games for fun in the pool all summer long!

The heat is finally here and the pool has been running at full speed for several days… How about testing and playing some fun new games in the pool?

10 Tips presents you on this beautiful day 10 pool game ideas. Good summer!

The 10 pool games:

1. A scavenger hunt in the pool

The first game you can try in the pool is treasure hunt, a classic. You just have to throw several coins at the bottom of the water to then go in search of the coins. The person or team that brings in the most coins simply wins the treasure hunt.

Both young and old will love playing this game in the pool, there is no doubt about it!

2. Marco Polo in the pool

Marco Polo, a guaranteed success in the pool this summer with children and adults. Of course, you have to be careful in a swimming pool so always remain vigilant as parents and adults to avoid unfortunate incidents. He must always have an adult near the pool to ensure that everything is going well and above all that everything is going on safely.

If you are not too familiar with the rules of Marco Polo, we invite you to the Wikihow site where you will find all the stages and rules of this pool game.

playing marco polo in the pool

3. DIY Sponge Ball for the Pool

A very simple idea to make and which will make people happy in the pool, sponge balls! Very easy to make, sponge balls will be very popular this summer in the pool or even outside, to have fun and cool off at the same time ?

diy make a sponge ball

4. Glow sticks in the pool

It’s not really a game but admit that the look that the glow sticks in the pool give is simply spectacular! Perfect for enjoying the pool in the evening when it starts to get dark. Wonderful idea!

glow stick in the pool

5. Table tennis

The game of ping-pong in the pool could quickly become the favorite game of the whole family this summer. Just write numbers on twenty ping-pong balls and throw them into the pool. The children must bring back the greatest number of balls or find the ping-pong ball with the number 5 for example.

Ping pong in the pool

6. Pool Noodle Race

Noodles or spaghetti if you prefer can be used for all sorts of tricks in a pool, including a noodle back race! Just put the noodle between his legs and swim or rather move as fast as possible to the other end in the pool. Pleasure and laughter guaranteed!

Race in the pool with noodles and spaghetti

7. Play scrabble in the pool ?

What a funny idea to play scrabble in the pool! A game idea for the pool perfect for children but also for adults. Simply write the letters of the alphabet on pieces of sponge and throw them into the pool to form words as quickly as possible.

play scrabble in the pool

8. An underwater obstacle course

How about organizing a small underwater obstacle course with hoops? You can find hoops that float in place on the popular Amazon site for example.

an obstacle course in the pool with hoops

9. Miniature rockets for the pool

Another idea for games and toys are miniature rockets that we can launch underwater. It really is a great toy for both having fun underwater and learning to swim.

Model rocket pool

10. Play water basketball

How about playing a game of basketball in the pool with your kids? There are several models of basketball hoops for sale online on Amazon for example. No need to pay too much, for example the Intex brand model is on sale for as little as $10.

play basketball in the pool

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