10 remedies for hay fever

What are grandmother’s remedies for hay fever?

Hay fever never brings good symptoms! Our eyes and throat sting, we sneeze constantly and our nose runs all day long.

To be well prepared against this period which is always approaching too quickly, 10 Tips offers you 10 natural remedies for hay fever.

1. Herbal tea against hay fever

Shortly before the pollination and hay season begins, drink elderflower tea every day. You will be more resistant to all the allergens circulating in the air during this time of year. This is a small effective natural trick against hay fever to test.

2. Miso soup as a remedy

Miso soup is a Japanese soup made from seaweed, tofu and beef. You consume a bowl every two days and you will no longer have symptoms related to hay fever.

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3. Take antihistamines

You will find it over the counter at the pharmacy. Powerful and effective, they will quickly soothe all your hay fever symptoms this summer. Unfortunately, they are not always effective for everyone. Consult with a healthcare professional to make the right choice of antihistamines.

4. Drink water and lemon juice

Another simple and natural trick is to drink lemon juice mixed with water once in a while. You will feel much better very quickly. Be careful, however, not to drink too much of it, as it could liquefy your blood.

5. Quail egg and hay fever

These quail eggs are actually offered in lozenges. They are very effective and many people adopt this trick to feel better during their hay fever in the spring and summer. You will find quail egg tablets in some natural and organic stores.

6. Grandma’s remedy for hay fever

For 2 days, take 5 times a day two spoons of rosemary honey. Then take it only 3 times a day until you have no more symptoms. A funny, but effective remedy to fight against hay fever.

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7. Prevention with olive oil

During the winter, you can put a little olive oil on your nostrils every 2 months to better prevent symptoms when hay fever starts in the spring. A good natural trick to prevent the unpleasant symptoms of hay fever and other seasonal allergies.

8. Help yourself with aromatherapy

To help you breathe better instantly, you can use tarragon essential oil as an antihistamine. Breathe in this oil whenever a hay fever attack is about to begin. You will soon feel much better.

9. Don’t go outside to avoid hay fever

It’s so boring to say, but if you don’t want to use too many treatments or medications, then it’s best to avoid exposure to pollen and hay. Avoid opening the windows too much (in the car or at home), do not dry your laundry outside and avoid walks in the forest during this time of year.

10. A homemade hay fever herbal tea

To make this anti hay fever herbal tea you must put two teaspoons of nettle leaves in 200ml of boiling water. Simply leave to infuse for ten minutes and drink it in the morning to prevent attacks due to hay fever in the summer.

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