10 remedies for tired eyes

Do you have sunken and tired eyes?

With age, stress or fatigue, the eyes come to have a tired appearance. They will be ringed, puffy, red and will have yellow pits all the way down. Having tired eyes is normal, but it really doesn’t look good.

To succeed in having awake and healthy eyes, here are our 10 tips and remedies against tired eyes.

1. Massages for tired eyes

To do this, you can either gently tap the skin below your eyes with your fingertips or do small circular massages. Your eyes will look less puffy and your skin’s micro-circulation will be activated. A simple and effective technique to put an end to tired eyes.

2. Apply a cooling gel to the eyes

There are moisturizing gels for the eye contour. In addition to moisturizing your skin, these will fill your skin with water and give a much better look to your tired and sunken eyes. For best results, leave your gel cold in the refrigerator before each use.

3. A slice of cucumber on the eyes

And yes, just like in the movies! Cut slices or half-slices of cucumber and place them on or under your eyes. Your eyes will look less tired and puffy. Cucumber is really a good natural remedy for tired eyes but also against puffiness and dark circles.

4. Wear makeup to hide eye fatigue

When you make up your eyes, you sometimes have the impression of waking them up, of giving them shine. Our eyes feel less tired and more sparkling. It’s probably psychological, but it’s true. When you have tired and cleansed eyes, you tend to rub them more, which tires your eyes and eyes even more. So light up and wake up your look with a beautiful make-up, quite simply.

5. Cold on tired eyes

Applying a simple cold washcloth or a cold gel mask will make all the difference to your tired eyes. Your skin will tighten and your eyes will be less tired and sunken. They will be awakened by the cold and the difference will immediately be seen in your eyes and your face.

6. Coffee eye fatigue remedy

If your eyes are tired, mix 20 cl of hot milk and 4 cl of coffee. Pour this mixture of coffee water on a cotton ball and pass this cotton ball over your tired eyes. You will then have a beautiful wide awake look. A truly effective natural remedy for occasional eye fatigue.

7. Cornflower Flower and Chamomile Flower

Another remedy for tired eyes is to use flowers. Make a decoction of equal parts of blueberry flowers and chamomile in boiling water. Wait 10 minutes, pour it on compresses and place them on your eyes for 5 minutes to reduce the hollow effect and fatigue in your eyes.

8. Potato Remedy

Grate a potato and pour it all over two small pieces of cotton. Then place them on your eyes for 10 minutes to quickly have less tired eyes. For best results, place the mashed potato in the fridge to chill before applying it to your eyes.

9. Relax eye muscles

If your eyes are tired, you can also vigorously rub your hands together to warm them up and then put them on your eyes for a few seconds. Repeat several times for an optimal and fast result.

10. Blink

When you are concentrated for a long time, watching the telephone or television, for example, blink your eyes often in order to rehydrate your eyes and relax your eye muscles. Do it every 30 seconds at least to avoid feeling tired in your eyes.

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