10 special Halloween recipes and appetizers

Do you want to prepare Halloween appetizers?

Whether it’s to entertain the children on Halloween night or for a costume party with friends, there are a thousand and one easy and original recipes for Halloween.

10 Tips presents you today 10 special recipe ideas for the Halloween party.

1. A special Halloween stuffed pepper

Here is a great idea for a special Halloween stuffed orange pepper in the shape of a small pumpkin. You can put whatever you want inside the chilli or follow the recipe from the Everyday Jenny blog which seems to be really delicious and tasty.

Special stuffed chilli recipe for Halloween

2. A special spider pizza for Halloween

Easy and quick to cook, a beautiful Halloween edition pizza for the little ones. Admit that the look is really perfect for this cobweb-shaped pizza. WOW!

Spider web pizza recipe for Halloween.

3. Special Halloween pasta

Here is a recipe for green pasta for Halloween night with your children or for your party with friends. Everyone will love this special Halloween recipe.

Green pasta recipe for Halloween

4. A spider-shaped dip bowl ?

How about serving your favorite veggie dip in a spider-shaped bowl made out of bread? Here is the excellent Halloween recipe idea from the Woman’sDay website.

Spider Bread Recipe for Halloween

5. Halloween Pop Tarts Recipe

Here is a special Halloween recipe proposed by the My crazygood life blog, coffin-shaped pop tarts, such a cool idea!

Halloween Pop Tarts Recipe

6. A good Halloween spaghetti

Here is a very original spaghetti recipe to cook and eat on Halloween night. Another Halloween recipe from The 36th Avenue blog.

special spaghetti recipe for Halloween

7. Special Halloween Popcorn Recipe

Here is a popcorn recipe that will delight young and old on Halloween night on October 31st. A green and gooey popcorn that will be all the rage on Halloween night.

Green Gooey Popcorn Recipe for Halloween

8. Hot dogs with fake fingers ?

So easy to cook and yet the result is really stunning for Halloween! Here is the hot dog with a finger or a sausage? ?

Halloween hot dog with sausage fingers

9. Eating an eye-shaped egg ?

Here is a really simple recipe idea for cooking eyes with eggs, olives and guacamole! In addition to being original, it’s really very good as a little Halloween recipe.

eye-shaped raw egg recipe for Halloween

10. A special Halloween hot dog sausage

Here is an idea to turn a simple hot dog sausage into a special Halloween sausage.

Halloween Special Hot Dog Sausage

If you are looking for fun and easy snack ideas and recipes for Halloween for your children, it’s here: Fun recipe for Halloween.

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