10 starters and appetizers for Christmas

What to cook as appetizers at Christmas?

Have you invited your family and friends for Christmas Eve or for New Year’s Day? You still don’t know what to prepare and cook as starters and appetizers?
I propose today on 10-Trucs.com 10 ideas for original and tasty starters and appetizers for Christmas!

10 ideas forappetizers for the Christmas Eve of Christmas:

1. A snowman with cream cheese

Do you like cream cheese and small crackers as a small snack? So why not create a true appetizer masterpiece?

What a great idea for Christmas appetizer, a snowman made with cream cheese to enjoy with your favorite little crackers. Give free rein to your imagination for this pretty artistic creation. ?

Snowman with cream cheese as a starter for Christmas

Christmas tree and cream cheese

Another appetizer idea with cream cheese is to make it into a Christmas tree shape accompanied by chili jelly and crackers.

christmas tree with cream cheese

2. A tree-shaped cheese and grape platter

Cheeses and raisins accompanied by small crackers are a must when it comes to Christmas Eve.

Here is a nice presentation that you can easily reproduce as an appetizer for your Christmas guests.

Cheese and grape platter for Christmas

3. Small wedges of pitas as an appetizer

Still in the theme of Christmas trees, here is an idea for a Christmas appetizer made with pieces of pitas. For these appetizers you are going to need:

  • pita bread
  • red and green peppers
  • guacamole
  • pretzel sticks

Your guests will certainly appreciate this entryway idea in the shape of a Christmas tree! ?

Christmas tree-shaped entrée with pita and guacamole

4. A starter of cucumbers for Christmas

Why complicate your life with difficult and time-consuming starters? Here’s a little appetizer for Christmas with cucumbers, feta and sun-dried tomatoes.

Super easy to prepare and the taste is really good. Your guests will love this healthy appetizer!

A starter of cucumbers and sun-dried tomatoes

5. A melting brie cheese as a starter for Christmas

Another classic when you entertain at home, whether at Christmas or New Year’s Day, opt for a fondant Brie.

You can do it with strawberries and almonds, dried tomatoes or even cranberries. A melting Brie with honey and walnuts is simply delicious too.

You add crackers or a good sliced ​​baguette with this hot brie and your guests will love this starter for sure!

brie fondant with strawberries and almonds

6. A wreath of appetizers for Christmas

Another original idea than this crown of appetizers. Sprigs of rosemary to make the wreath and add olives, tomatoes, cheese or other foods of your choice to complete this appetizer wreath.

Wreath of appetizers for Christmas with sprigs of rosemary and green olives

7. Small bites of cream cheese

Another recipe idea for hors d’oeuvres to make with cream cheese for Christmas is to make small balls coated with different ingredients.

  • Mix cream cheese with grated cottage cheese of your choice.
  • Make balls with the mixture and insert a small pretzel stick
  • Roll and coat the cream cheese balls with crushed cranberries, raisins, spinach or walnuts.

Ball of cream cheese coated as a Christmas appetizer

8. Christmas tree-shaped vegetable starter

A vegetable wreath is fine, but why not spruce up your vegetable presentation for Christmas Eve this year!

Here is a simple and fun idea to present your vegetables (but also fruits) to your guests this year: Vegetables in the shape of a Christmas tree!

9. Small meatballs for the aperitif

Whether for the aperitif or for the Christmas buffet, meatballs can go very well with other dishes and foods on the table.

When serving your hot meatballs, dip them in a good tomato sauce slightly sweetened with honey… A delicious starter!

Recipe for meatballs for the aperitif at Christmas

10. Bruschetta always popular as an appetizer

Bruschettas are always very popular, no matter the occasion! Whether it’s for Christmas, a party with friends or on a nice warm day on the terrace, bruschettas will please all your guests.

Good fresh tomatoes, a finely cut red onion, a little garlic, a drizzle of olive oil, some fine herbs, a reduction of balsamic vinegar and of course a good baguette!

Here is a homemade bruschetta recipe on video:

To discover all the recipes and ideas for Christmas appetizers, go here: Christmas recipes and appetizers.

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