10 storage ideas above the toilet

Are you using all the storage space in the bathroom?

Do you use the available space above the toilet to store your bathroom stuff and accessories?

10 Tips today offers several ideas for storage and practical small furniture to install above the toilet.

Solid wood shelf above the toilet

A very simple idea is to install one or more shelves above the toilet as in this image. Beautiful solid wood shelves as a storage idea, do you like it?

Wooden shelf as storage above the toilet

Baskets above the toilet

Another simple idea is to place baskets just above the toilet. Another great tip for storing your bathroom stuff.

storage basket above the toilet

Storage and decoration where the toilet

Although this idea is above all decorative in the bathroom, it must be admitted that it is particularly original in the bathroom. Do you like this idea?

decoration above the toilet

Storage in a very small bathroom

Here is a storage cabinet and sink cabinet to be installed directly where the toilet is in the bathroom. Ideal for very small bathrooms.

storage in a small bathroom

Ladder and decorative support above the toilet

Another simple trick, a ladder-shaped support to install above the toilet in the bathroom.

decorative ladder in the bathroom

A beautiful wardrobe as a storage idea

Why not install a nice little cabinet above the toilet to store all the bathroom stuff and accessories?

cabinet above the toilet

Cabinet and shelf to store your stuff

Another nice storage to put above the toilet, a piece of furniture and a shelf at the same time. You like? Classy isn’t it?

shelf above the toilet

Wooden crates for storage

Make and install beautiful wooden crates above the toilet to store your bathroom stuff and place your decorative items.

wooden crate as storage in the toilet

Furniture that bypasses the toilet

I agree, it’s not the most beautiful piece of furniture, but admit that the idea for storing your bathroom stuff is ideal for small spaces.

cabinet that goes around the toilet

Storage on the side of the toilet

If you’re short on space above the toilet, why not simply install shelves or a shelf on the side.

storage on the toilet side

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