10 strawberry recipes

Looking for a good recipe with strawberries?

The weather is nice, it’s hot, in short, the perfect weather to pick good strawberries in the fields with the family. Strawberry picking is really a great activity to do with your children. But what to do next with this beautiful harvest?

10 Tips offers you 10 good recipe ideas with strawberries. You will love our recipe and dessert suggestions. Yum yum!

The 10 recipes with strawberries:

1. A delicious strawberry roll cake

A classic to make with fresh strawberries is undoubtedly the strawberry roll cake. A real delight for the taste buds, you will love the recipe for this rolled cake presented by the Demotivateur website.

strawberry roll cake recipe

www.demotivateur.fr/article-buzz/realisez-ce-gateau-roule-aux-fraises-delicieux-meme-les-enfants-pourront-mise-la-main-a-la-pate-tellement-la-recette- is-easy–3996

2. strawberry and mint salad

A little fresh salad recipe for this summer. All you need are strawberries, sugar, fresh mint and a lemon. To discover tips and the exact preparation, go to the Saveol website.

strawberry salad recipe with mint and lemon

*source: Saveol.com

3. A panna cotta with strawberry coulis

Just looking at the photo of this dessert quickly makes your mouth water! Quickly visit Amandine Cooking’s blog for the complete list of ingredients and preparation steps.

panna cotta recipe with strawberry coulis

4. A delicious strawberry mousse

Strawberry mousse is such a delicious and perfect summer dessert during strawberry season. The Chef Royale blog offers a recipe for strawberry mousse with cream cheese.

strawberry and cream cheese mousse recipe

5. Strawberry and basil carpaccio recipe

Why not do something different and prepare a very simple recipe for strawberry and basil carpaccio. Strawberries, fresh basil leaves, a little black pepper, balsamic vinegar and pine nuts or pistachios, that’s what you need to prepare this carpaccio recipe from the Nathou’s recipe blog.

recipe for carpaccio of strawberries and fresh basil

6. A strawberry smoothie

What could be more refreshing than a good strawberry smoothie to enjoy the beautiful summer days? Amandine’s blog offers us another good strawberry and banana smoothie recipe.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

7. Strawberry tiramisu recipe

If you like tiramisu then you will love tasting this delicious strawberry tiramisu recipe offered by the blog C’est ma fournée! Admit that it looks simply delectable as a strawberry dessert!

strawberry tiramisu recipe

*source: cestmafournee.com

8. Strawberry Candy

OHHHH your children will love preparing and eating delicious homemade candies with strawberries. This strawberry fruit paste recipe is an idea from the blog Aux Délices du Palais.

Strawberry Jelly Beans Recipe

9. Shortcake Style Strawberry Cookies ?

As strawberry season has begun, you will love the recipe for strawberry shrotcake cookies offered by Risa from the Baked Perfection blog.

Shortcake Strawberry Cookie

10. Strawberry sorbet without an ice cream maker

Sorbet, one of my favorite desserts, especially when it’s very hot in the summer. You will love this strawberry sorbet recipe and the best part is that you don’t need an ice cream maker.

strawberry sorbet recipe

*source: www.megandcook.fr/sorbet-a-la-fraise-sans-sorbetiere

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