10 summer salad ideas

Savor the hot summer days with our summer salad ideas!

What could be fresher and tastier than a good summer salad to eat with family and friends this summer? Cucumber, tomato, red onion, pepper, spinach… Perfect ingredients for concocting a tasty summer salad.

10 Tips offers you 10 summer salad recipe ideas for hot summer days.

The 10 easy-to-cook summer salad recipes:

1. A summer salad with green apple and avocado

summer salad with green apple and avocado

Ricardo always offers delicious recipes including a large selection of summer salads. Asian Pore or Green Apple and Avocado Salad is simply sublime and perfect for hot summer days.

To prepare this salad you will need a Boston lettuce, a green apple or an Asian pear, an avocado, salt and pepper. For all the preparation steps and the ingredients to concoct the vinaigrette, visit the Ricardo Cuisine website.

*source and step: www.ricardocuisine.com/recettes/4057-salade-de-pear-asiatique-et-d-avocat

2. Couscous and fig salad

couscous salad with figs and parsley for the summer

Another great summer salad is couscous salad with figs and parsley. In addition to being a perfect salad for hot summer days, it is quick and easy to prepare. We invite you to consult the complete fact sheet and the steps to prepare this summer salad on the excellent Le Journal des femmes website.

*source and step: cuisine.journaldesfemmes.fr/recette/314264-salade-de-couscous-aux-figs-et-au-parsil

3. Fresh salad for the summer

fresh summer salad with tomatoes and avocados

Another great summer salad recipe is made with avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, and parsley. For the vinaigrette simply add a drizzle of olive oil and some spices of your choice.

*source and stage: www.elle.fr/Elle-a-Table/Les-dossiers-de-la-redaction/Dossier-de-la-redac/11-salades-legeres-et-colorees-pour-etre-en -shape-all-summer/Healthy-salad-Fresh-salad

4. Shrimps, tomatoes and avocados

tomato, avocado and shrimp summer salad

Admit that just the title makes your mouth water! A delicious salad recipe made with tomatoes, avocados and prawns, yum yum! This summer recipe idea comes from the Cahier de Gourmandises blog.

5. Melon, feta, tomato and mint salad…

Melon, tomato and feta salad recipe

Just the ingredients are making our mouths water once again with this summer salad recipe. Contes et délices offers you all the steps and ingredients to prepare this delicious and fresh salad.

6. A good corn salad

Corn salad for this summer

You like to eat corn then you will certainly like to eat this good fresh corn salad. 15 minutes only to prepare this summer salad made with corn, green and red onion, olive oil, red pepper and garlic. For all the ingredients and the steps to cook this good summer salad, go to the excellent My Diary of Us blog.

*source and step: www.mydiaryofus.com/blog/2015/6/3/15-minute-corn-confetti

7. Lettuce and egg salad

salad with hard-boiled egg and tomato

Another good salad proposed by Ricardo, a salad made with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and a hard-boiled egg. Nothing prevents you from adding or replacing with vegetables and fruits of your choice while keeping the hard-boiled egg of course.

*source and step: www.ricardocuisine.com/recettes/5474-salade-express

8. Hawaiian Salad Recipe

Hawaiian salad with ham

This salad is really succulent and ideal to enjoy the beautiful summer days on the terrace. To prepare this summer salad recipe you will need tomatoes, ham, pineapple, red onions, cucumbers and Tortellini pasta.

*source and step: www.theslowroasteditalian.com/2016/04/hawaiian-tortellini-salad-recipe.html

9. Turkish Cucumber Salad

Turkish cucumber salad

For this cucumber recipe you will need small Lebanese cucumbers, sprigs of dill, fresh mint, red onion, Greek yogurt, lemon, garlic and olive oil. You will find all this list of ingredients as well as the preparation steps on the Very Easy Kitchen blog. You’ll love the recipe ideas there!

*source and step: veryeasykitchen.blogspot.com/2014/06/le-cucombre-latout-fraicheur-deux.html

10. A fruity and fresh salad

A final recipe for fresh salad is the fruity salad with Roquefort offered by the Elle.fr website. You will need, among other things, red salad, Roquefort, a poemme, an avocado, pistachios, grilled hazelnut and raw ham. For the rest of the ingredients and steps, go to the Elle.fr website.

fruity roquefort salad

*source and step: www.elle.fr/Elle-a-Table/Recettes-de-cuisine/Salade-fruitee-au-roquefort-2668047

**BONUS** A delicious Mexican recipe ?

See you soon on the excellent Caroline’s blog on C’est ça la vie to discover the list of ingredients to prepare the best summer recipe for hot summer days! PARTY!!! ?

Mexican avocado and pico de gallo dip

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