10 things to do in the fall

Fall… What a beautiful season!

Fall is a wonderful time to be outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery! It is neither too hot nor too cold and it is a season that can bring a lot of happiness and inner serenity.

Would you like to find what to do in this short season? Well here are 10 things to do in the fall.

1. A picnic in the fall

Why not dress warmly and go for a nice picnic in the mountains or on the waterfront with the family?

autumn picnic, autumn picnic,

2. Cycling

The bike will be a good way to get around in nature while getting some fresh air and exercising! The hiking trails will also be beautiful at this time of year.

3. Take a walk in the cemetery

Many cemeteries are majestic! Trees, small animals, historical monuments, statues, etc. It’s quiet, silent, peaceful and you can always hear the little birds singing. And what about the tombs which of course will bring a little Halloween touch!

4. Go apple-picking as a family

An activity to do with the family that is always good during this time of year, which is fall!

going to apples, picking apples,

5. Prepare for winter

And yes! It’s also time to properly close the pool, tidy up the yard, pick up the leaves and prepare everything for the winter that will arrive too quickly!

6. Pick up scraps from nature

It’s time to become one with nature. With the children, collect leaves, branches, stones, bark and more! An exceptional collection!

7. Cook good hot meals

We spent the summer eating light and refreshing meals. Now eating good, warm comfort food will be so good!

decorating halloween, decorating halloween,

8. Decorate the yard for Halloween

It’s time to get started! And it’s also great fun for the kids to help you decorate everything for Halloween!

9. Play in the leaves

Teach children to play in the leaves! To get a little dirty and discover the joys of fall!

10. Learn about wildlife and trees

Since the trees are all in beauty, it would be a good time to get out the encyclopedias of nature and go observe wildlife, trees and birds!

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