10 things to do with a shoebox

What to do with your shoe boxes?

When you buy shoes, you can always keep the boxes to put them to good use. Indeed, it is possible to transform these simple boxes into useful objects for various things!

So you can effectively use these shoe boxes instead of throwing them away and wasting them. So here are 10 things to do with shoeboxes.

1. A dollhouse with a shoebox

You install the box on its side (along its length) and you decorate the interior while painting the “walls” of the box! So you will have a little house for your child’s dolls! And it could also be a house for your son’s little men!

2. Make a kitten bed

You can put a small cushion or a blanket at the bottom of the shoebox and thus make a cozy little bed for your baby cat.

3. Storage for beauty products

Decorate your shoebox in a feminine and flirtatious way and store your nail polishes, your make-up, hairdressing or beauty products.

4. Building bricks for kids

Collect your shoeboxes and turn them into cardboard bricks. Thus, your children will be able to build towers or houses and even decorate or paint these bricks to their liking.

5. Storage for papers

Whether it’s letters, photos, envelopes or postcards, you can always use these boxes to store anything paper.

6. Cookie boxes with your shoe boxes

Decorate your shoeboxes and put tissue paper inside. You can then put all your sweets in it, such as good biscuits.

7. A wire cover

Decorate your shoebox to match your decor, put it near your TV cabinet, make a hole in the back and thread all the wires from the TV and other electrical devices through it. Thus, the threads are no longer visible and it is prettier.

8. Tablets…What an original idea!

Decorate your shoeboxes to your liking and hang them on your wall (the bottom glued to the wall) using thumbtacks. You can insert light stuff inside like it was tablets.

9. Storage for toys

Thanks to these shoe boxes, you can store figurines, small cars or any other small toys of your children.

10. A spice box

Tuck all your spices inside your shoebox for storage at its best.

For other ideas but this time with big cardboard boxes it’s here: DIY with a cardboard box.

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