10 things to do with baby powder

How to use baby powder?

Almost everyone has baby powder at home in the pharmacy, but do you know what to do with this powder other than for your baby’s skin care?

10 Tips invites you to discover 10 other uses and tips to do with baby powder.

The 10 things to do with baby powder:

1. A dry shampoo with baby powder

If you are a fan of dry shampoo and one morning you don’t have any more in the bathroom, know that baby powder can very well replace this dry shampoo. Just apply a little baby powder to the hair and then run the brush to remove excess oil and grease from your hair, simply.

2. To quickly keep ants away

Do you have a problem with ants in the house or around the house? If you want to quickly prevent ants from invading the house or the balcony, just sprinkle baby powder on their way to quickly repel them from the house.

3. Do your feet sweat?

Baby powder is often used against sweaty feet. Just drop a little powder in your shoes to absorb perspiration and camouflage the bad smell.

4. Running out of deodorant this morning?

Did you get up this morning and have run out of deodorant in the bathroom? Don’t panic, we have the solution for you, baby powder! Indeed, baby powder neutralizes the bad smell of perspiration. That’ll give you time to go buy yourself a new deodorant at the store after work.

5. A little baby powder on your sheets

For a good smell and fresh sheets you can sprinkle a little baby powder on it before bedtime. In summer, open your bedroom window wide an hour before bedtime, open the sheets and sprinkle baby powder. Ideal for a nice comforting night’s sleep.

6. To prevent blisters

Do you have new shoes and don’t really want blisters? Are you going to walk for a few hours in the forest and want to protect your heels? One effective remedy is to sprinkle baby powder on your heels to prevent and lessen the chance of getting blisters.

7. Thick eyelashes thanks to baby powder

Did you know baby powder can help you get thicker lashes fast? To do this, apply mascara as usual, then apply a little baby powder to your lashes and finish with another coat of mascara. A quick and easy trick to thicken eyelashes.

8. Remove an oil stain

Getting rid of an oil stain is not always easy! Fortunately with baby powder it is now possible. If you need to remove a fresh oil stain from a piece of clothing, just sprinkle baby powder on it and leave it in place for about ten hours. The baby powder will absorb most of the grease and oil stain.

9. Creaking wood floor?

If your old wood floor creaks a lot around the house, you can sprinkle baby powder between the planks to prevent your floor planks from creaking.

10. After a nice day at the beach…

Just had a wonderful day at the beach playing in the sand with your kids? Difficult to quickly remove all the sand stuck on the feet, isn’t it? To quickly remove sand from the feet, simply rub them with baby powder. The sand will quickly fall from the feet of your little ones and you can quickly return home. ?

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