10 things to do with coat hangers

What to do with old hangers?

We all have old metal coat hangers at home that we don’t use anymore so why not turn them into something else. You will find lots of great ideas for recovering them.

10 Tips therefore offers you today 10 DIY tips and projects to do with hangers.

The 10 things to do with a coat hanger:

1. Paper and magazine holder

The first thing to do with a coat hanger is to make a paper and magazine holder. Perfect for storing your documents and papers in the home office. Do you like the idea?

holder for paper and magazine with a hanger

2. Make a paper towel holder

Another original idea to transform a coat hanger is to make a holder for paper towels. Perfect for a rustic chic decor for example.

diy paper towel holder with hanger

3. Toilet paper holder ?

For a first apartment or basement toilet why not recycle an old coat hanger to make a holder for toilet paper.

diy toilet paper holder with hanger

4. A support for your plants with hangers

This DIY idea is really great for turning an old coat hanger into something practical and decorative around the house. Hard to tell this plant stand was made with an old coat hanger.

make a plant stand with a hanger

5. Handbag Holder and Storage

Do you have several handbags and want to find a way to store and show them off? Here is a very simple idea to give another use to old hangers.

handbag storage with hangers

6. Make a lampshade with coat hangers

Let your imagination run wild to create the most beautiful and original lampshade for a light fixture in the house and all with old hangers. The end result is sublime!

diy lampshade with hangers

7. Jewelery Organization

Another idea for using an old hanger is to make a stand and storage for your jewelry like in the picture below.

Jewelry organization with a hanger

8. Christmas decoration with a hanger

Do you like the holidays? You will love this DIY idea for Christmas. Here is a very simple idea to transform a coat hanger into a Christmas tree. Truly pretty!

decoration idea, Christmas tree with a hanger

9. Coat rack and hat rack with hangers

Another trick to do with wooden hangers is to make a hanger for coats and other fashion accessories. Really original as a DIY idea.

Coat rack made with wooden hangers

10. Thread spool holder

Here’s one last idea to turn an old coat hanger into something practical around the house… A yarn spool and yarn spool holder.

thread spool holder with a hanger

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