10 things to do with coffee grounds

What can you do with coffee grounds?

Did you know that instead of throwing away your coffee grounds you could use them for all sorts of things? Indeed, coffee grounds can be used for many other things than ending up in the trash. We have piqued your curiosity and you would like to know more?

So 10 tips offers you today here are 10 uses and tips to do with coffee grounds.

1. Use coffee grounds as coloring

Want to color something brown? So boil your coffee grounds and dip in whatever you want to color brown. A simple trick that works well for browning something.

2. Exfoliate your skin with coffee

Coffee grounds can also be used as an exfoliator and scrub for the skin and face. The small granules will be gentle and exfoliating enough to dislodge all the dirt from your skin.rg

There are several tutorials from beauty Youtubers who explain how to use coffee grounds as an exfoliant and scrub for the body and face.

Here is a video of a scrub made from coffee grounds:

3. Wash your hands with coffee grounds

And yes, coffee grounds are often used for beauty treatments. You can wash your hands with coffee grounds. Plus, your hands will smell so good afterwards with that little coffee smell.

4. Add it to your compost

In limited quantities of course, you can always add your coffee grounds to your compost or potting soil. There are many benefits of coffee grounds in a compost, so don’t throw them in the trash anymore.

5. As a kitchen cleaner

Coffee grounds clean grease marks very well. So why not use coffee grounds to clean your oven after greasy cooking, for example?

6. Against bad smells from the fridge

Place some dry coffee grounds in a small dish and put it in your fridge. It will remove bad odors from the fridge like baking soda does, for example. It’s a great way to get rid of bad odors quickly.

7. Coffee based ant repellent

Pour a little coffee grounds around your house and the ants will not invade you. It is also a good way to ward off several types of insects in your vegetable garden.

8. Polisher for your wood

If you have very small scratches on your wooden furniture, you can use a little damp coffee grounds to polish them. You only have to rub the wood in circles to see the small scratches disappear.

9. Anti fleas for dogs

When you bathe your dog, apply some coffee grounds to your pet’s coat. It will act as a flea repellent. Do not forget, however, to clean well to remove all the coffee grounds in the end.

10. Tenderize your meat with coffee grounds

Dip your meat in your coffee grounds so that it becomes more tender before cooking. An original little trick that works very well to make the piece of meat very tender and juicy.

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