10 things to do with pool noodles

How to use pool noodles at home?

We all know the pool noodles that we throw and use in swimming pools… Children and adults love pool spaghetti.

10 Tips offers you today to use them for something other than the pool. Discover 10 things to do with pool noodles. Good discovery! ?

The 10 things to do with pool noodles:

1. Protect the springs of the trampoline

Very ingenious as an idea and perfect for securing the edge of the trampoline to prevent your little ones from hurting themselves with the springs. Simply cut the pool noodles to the correct length and then wrap the trampoline springs.

protect trampoline springs with pool noodles

2. A running track with pool noodles

WOW what a great idea to cut up a pool noodle to make a toy car race track. Great this idea to entertain your children this summer outside.

Race track with pool spaghetti

3. Floating paddles for the pool

Another original idea to do with pool noodles, floating paddles. You will find all the steps for this DIY pool idea on ZiggityZoo’s excellent blog. Happy DIY!

racket for the pool with pool noodles

4. A floating pool cooler

This idea is so cool! Make a floating cooler out of a pool noodle. Perfect for floating drinks and snacks for this summer in the pool.

floating cooler with a pool noodle

5. A pool noodle as an extension

Here is another idea for using a pool noodle, an extension for the sink faucet. Ideal for filling a large bucket of water on the ground. Do you like the idea?

use a pool noodle as a sink extension

6. A rack for pants

To avoid unwanted wrinkles on your pants, just cut a pool noodle and insert it on the garment rack as shown in the image below.

support for pants with a pool noodle

7. Protect the car door

A simple idea is to use a pool noodle to protect the car doors in the garage. Simple and effective as a tip!

Door protection for the car in a garage

8. Support for your plants and flowers

On the aesthetic side, it may not be the prettiest, but here is an idea that consists of using pool spaghetti as a support for your plants and flowers.

Plant stand with pool spaghetti

9. DIY: A water game with a pool noodle

A very simple idea to transform a pool noodle into a water game for young and old this summer. Lots of fun on the horizon for those hot summer days!

water games with pool spaghetti

10. DIY: a game to play outside this summer

Another DIY idea for this summer to play with your children. All you need to make this game are simply pool noodles.

diy outdoor games with pool noodles

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